Residents Feat


swissnex San Francisco offers several workspaces to entrepreneurs, organizations, and individuals approved by the Swiss Government to assist swissnex in carrying out its mission in North America. Consider working with us! Contact Emina Reissinger, our Head of Partnerships, for more details.

Givaudan is the world’s leader in flavors, fragrances, and active beauty. Its presence at swissnex, alongside other Swiss companies, startups, accelerators, large corporations, and universities, plays an important role in driving innovation for the company. / Givaudan is a swissnex corporate innovation client.
Focused on innovation, Logitech designs personal peripherals to help people enjoy a better experience with the digital world, and uses its presence at swissnex for deeper immersion into the San Francisco innovation ecosystem. / Logitech is a swissnex Living Lab partner.
MindMaze’s breakthrough computing platform humanizes virtual reality, solving complex problems with the power of neuroscience and machine learning. Based in Lausanne, the startup uses its swissnex presence as its corporate headquarters in the US. / MindMaze is a swissnex Market Entry Camp alumni.
Nestle is the world’s largest food and beverage company. As swissnex resident, Nestle’s Silicon Valley Innovation Outpost (SVIO) is focused on identifying and understanding digital technology changes and their impact on society and business. / Nestle is a swissnex Living Lab partner.
View Inc.
View Inc makes architectural dynamic glass that intelligently tints in response to outdoor conditions and user preferences. With global installations including at EPFL and at swissnex SF, View uses its swissnex presence to focus on best practices around energy efficiency and human comfort and productivity in the workspace. / View is a swissnex Living Lab partner
Vitra is a Swiss company dedicated to improving the quality of homes, offices, and public spaces through the power of design. As resident, Vitra uses its presence at swissnex to connect with the local innovation and creative community, and to implement an internal and external transfer culture in relation to the company’s research fields, market demands, and activities. / Vitra is a swissnex Living Lab Partner

swissnex San Francisco has also been hosting a large number of startups in the past years.