A Living Lab on the Future of Work

Anchored within swissnex San Francisco at Pier 17, the Living Lab is a testing ground to explore how we will collaborate and create in the future.

With a diverse resident community of universities, startups, corporate innovation outposts, artists, and designers, swissnex SF is curating a collaborative platform and launch pad for our many Swiss stakeholders, clients, partners, and visitors.

The Living Lab works with partners to strategically implement ideas, products, and technologies that are integral to a creative and collaborative ecosystem.


We will measure what works and does not work, and why, through the Living Lab workshops – a quarterly series in collaboration with Arup and Deloitte Center for the Edge.

The Living Lab is drawing on the expertise of our partners:

  • Logitech: With products that have an everyday place in our lives whether at work or on-the-go, Logitech will lead our exploration of the Future of Work through the lens of technology and communications.
  • Nestlé: With its Silicon Valley Innovation Outpost at Pier 17, Nestlé has embedded its open-innovation processes into our space by testing ideas and products as part of our Living Lab.
  • View: Situated at the intersection of human wellness, smart technology, and energy efficiency, View is a sponsor of the View Lab, a resident, and a collaborator on topics ranging from sustainability to wellness in the workspace.
  • Vitra: As creators of the concept and product layout for our workspace design, Vitra develops spaces that can adapt and serve our diverse community. We will collaborate, study, and experiment with Vitra on all things connected to Work.

Program contact: Emina Reissinger, Head of Partnerships: emina@nullswissnexsf.org





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