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swissnex San Francisco is a launchpad for Swiss startups in the Bay Area ecosystem. We support startups with the following initiatives:


CTI Market Entry Camps

For technology ventures

Swiss Startup Night

The best Swiss Startups pitch at Swissnex SF every Spring/Fall


For interactive projects


Since 2010, we’ve supported 68 Swiss startups.

We integrate a community of over 400 founders and organizations.

Our startup alumni have a combined valuation of $1.1B.

Swiss Program Partners


Startup Alumni

Name/URL Cohort Status Area Description
Parquery W 2018 Software Smart parking in the cloud
Nomoko S 2017 current Engineering / Software Nomoko creates photorealistic 3D models with 3D software and the compact Nomoko camera.
Codecheck S 2017 current Online Consumers can find information about more than 38 million products in the free CodeCheck database.
Embotech S 2017 active Software Driverless vehicle motion planning technology.
Eyeware S 2017 active Software Attention sensing for smart machines.
Sobu S 2017 active Online Sobu combines the best of referral marketing, affiliates, couponing and cash back.
Stuward W 2017 active Online Offer the best support possible to a person living with dementia.
IRSweep W 2017 active Biotech IRsweep launched its spectroscopy device at the start of this year. Spectroscopy involves the analysis of substances with the help of light.
Seervision W 2017 active Engineering / Software Intelligent autonomous video production.
Vinoflux W 2017 active Engineering VINOflux accomplishes your wines. You define date, maturity and flavor.
Bestmile S 2016 active Software World’s first cloud platform for the operation and optimization of autonomous vehicle fleets.
Cloudcities S 2016 closed Software
Comfylight S 2016 active Engineering Comfylight protects your home with realistic presence simulation and detection of intrusion.
Fanpictor S 2016 active Online Reach fans at your event and millions of viewers in front of TV.
GaitUp S 2016 acquired by MindMaze Software Combining smart sensors and biomechanics, Gait Up provides objective motion analysis solutions for Sports and Health.
KeyLemon S 2016 active Software Natural Authentication, Recognized by your face, like your friends do.
MilKit W 2016 active Engineering milKit is a revolutionary valve system that makes installation and maintenance of tubeless tires quick and easy.
OneVisage W 2016 active Online OneVisage develops a solution that identifies users via a 3D image of their face.
SmartCardia W 2016 active Engineering / Software Smart Card solution.
TagXY W 2016 active Software TagXY makes relevant information directly visible on the objects and places with augemented reality.
TelePort W 2016 active Online Turn any video into a website.
Ava S 2015 active Medtech Ava helps couples have a child with an elegant bracelet worn at night, connected to a smartphone app.
Beekeeper S 2015 active Online Bring the digital workplace to non-desk workers.
Creoptix S 2015 active Medtech Experience a new level of sensitivity and flexibility in drug discovery.
Fashwell S 2015 active Online Online fashion e-commerce.
Feedback Now S 2015 active Online Gain instant feedback from customers.
FotoKite W 2015 active Engineering Tethered drones, optimized for aerial photography.
Hoosh W 2015 closed Online Hoosh is a Search & Social Media Intelligence company. We bring directly applicable insights to online marketers and decision makers.
Memoways W 2015 active Online A new way to experience video. Add fine grained navigation to your videos and publish interactive video projects within minutes.
Goodwall S 2014 active Online Goodwall develops a social network for communication among students.
HappyNumbers S 2014 active Edtech While you teach small groups, HappyNumbers serves as an independent math center,providing individualized instruction for the rest of the class.
Iprova S 2014 active Consulting Iprova uses advanced machine learning to create commercially relevant inventions at high speed and with great diversity.
Jet Messaging S 2014 active Software We produce software for software developers to make their life easier.
Luma7 W 2014 active Software Luma 7 is an algorithm that analyses text content and understands what are the relations in that content and how they link.
Quip W 2014 active Online Quip is a connected hub where teams create, discuss, and organize their work from any device.
Atizo S 2013 active Online Atizo’s community helps innovative organizations easily find a rich source of ideas and feedback for new products or services.
MarketWired S 2013 acquired by Nasdaq Online Marketwired provides news release distribution and a full range of communication solutions to public relations.
Faceshift S 2013 acquired by Apple Software Faceshift developed technology to create animated avatars and other figures that capture a person’s facial expressions in real time.
FlatEV S 2013 active Engineering The device developed by Flatev bakes tortillas, crêpes and cookies. It is based on a capsule-system, similar to the one found in coffee machines. The company is a ‘born global’ on the Swiss startup scene….
Kaywa W 2013 active Software QR code software.
Knime W 2013 active Software Knime builds software for fast, easy and intuitive access to advanced data science, helping organizations drive innovation.
Sensometrix W 2013 closed Biotech Sensometrix brings biometrics for a convenient and secure daily usage.
Dualsystems S 2012 active Biotech Dualsystems Biotech is a service provider for custom proteomics for industry and academia.
Gbanga S 2012 active Games Gbanga creates mixed-reality games.
Koemei S 2012 acquired by Crealogix Software CREALOGIX acquired the cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology from Koemei.
Koubachi S 2012 acquired by Husqvarna Engineering Now integrated into the Husqvarna GARDENA smart system, Koubachi has discontinued selling its own products.
Qualysense W 2012 active Engineering Makes life-science robot for single-kernel sorting.
SublimeVideo W 2012 acquired by DailyMotion Online Video software platform.
BioApply S 2011 active Engineering Biodegradable plastic bags.
FontSelf S 2011 active Software Turn any lettering into OpenType fonts – right from your favorite creative apps!
Kandou S 2011 active Engineering Kandou specializes in the design of high-speed, and pin- and energy-efficient chip-to-chip links.
NextWidgets W 2011 closed Software NextWidgets helps online merchants enable advanced Display and Facebook promotions with a suite of tools.
Scandit W 2011 active Software We provide the highest quality mobile barcode scanning solutions for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.
Sobees W 2011 active Software All your social feeds (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) in one, easy-to-use dashboard.
Vissee W 2011 active Software Research advanced AI.
Dacuda S 2010 acquired by Magic Leap Software Dacuda’s SLAM Scan technology is already used in over 1M devices and has several different application areas.
Doodle S 2010 acquired by Tamedia Online Doodle simplifies scheduling
Insphero S 2010 active Biotech Advancing 3D cell-culture-based technology to deliver more biologically relevant insights for in vitro testing.
iTaste S 2010 active Online Restaurant guide and reservation.
Kooaba S 2010 acquired by Qualcomm Software Kooaba is an expert in image recognition on mobile devices.
MedLight S 2010 active Medtech Medlight produces and commercializes a large range of catheters for an optimal endoscopic illumination.
Memonic W 2010 active Software Take notes or clip any web content, take it with you wherever you go, share it with the world, or just a group.
MindMaze W 2010 active Medtech MindMaze combines immersive virtual reality, brain imaging and 3D technology in real time to build novel platforms for Neurorehabilitation, Game Training and 3D Imaging.
Minsh W 2010 active Software Private Messaging App
Nexthink W 2010 active Software Nexthink Step-Changes Critical IT Operations.
QGel Bio W 2010 active Biotech QGel provides tunable synthetic extracellular matrices (ECMs) for in vitro cellular based studies.
RegenLab W 2010 active Biotech Regen Lab makes products for autologous regenerative medicine based on freshly prepared platelet rich plasma.
SVOX W 2010 acquired by Nuance Software SVOX is an embedded speech technology company.

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