San Francisco

Instant Space

A platform for conversation, Instant Space is a response to the swissnex Salon created by Zurich-based architects Nele Dechmann and Ortreport.


nextcasts is our platform to share conversations with the interesting people we connect with, and ideas on the forces shaping the emergent future.


swissnex San Francisco connects startups to the local network, tools, techniques, training, and office space in the Bay Area.


We work in partnership with an ever-widening group of individuals and organizations.


Entrepreneurs, organizations, and individuals share our space and help carry out our mission.

Corporate Innovation

swissnex San Francisco brings together a diverse community of universities, startups, corporates , artists and designers in our living lab at Pier 17.


We connect Swiss and Bay Area universities, researchers and academics, fostering the international exchange of research and ideas.


We facilitate Swiss artists promotion and cultural exchanges in the field of art-technology and art-sciences with a particular attention to the specific domains of: digital creation, interactive media, design and architecture.