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swissnex San Francisco connects the dots between Switzerland and North America in science, education, art, and innovation. We are always on the lookout for new team members who share our passion for exploring, collaborating, connecting, and transforming the people and organizations we interact with.

We’re changing and evolving. See where you fit in.

Full-time positions

Program Manager, Science and Society.


We are no Internships open at this time.

What Interns Say


Being an intern at swissnex San Francisco means working in a multilingual and international environment, with plenty of opportunities to meet interesting people, soak in the Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial spirit, and – especially in the field of communications – receive a valuable training with an array of new tools.
Anita Suter
Junior Communications Manager, February – October 2011 / Université de Fribourg
Why do an internship at swissnex San Francisco? That's an easy one: a great atmosphere, amazing people, and purposeful, highly innovative projects and events.
David Dudok de Wit
Junior Project Manager, March – September 2011 / HEC Lausanne
The best thing about being an intern at swissnex San Francisco is the chance to meet a lot of interesting people: be it by interviewing potential speakers, talking to people at events or just working together with the unique team here at swissnex. It's great to work in an open-minded place and get an inside view on a variety of projects in a very dynamic environment.
Sarah Preiswerk
Junior Project Manager, February – August 2011 / ETH Zurich
“As a Junior Project Manager, I got to join a team of very forward-thinking people, who come from diverse backgrounds. The swissnex team allowed me to take on responsibilities right from the get go and push forward my own projects internally as well as with public programming. I was able to explore new directions in technology and innovation with the support of my colleagues and their extensive network in the Bay Area.”
Johann Recordon
Former Intern / École hôtelière de Lausanne


The Experience

Gian Gallati, former intern, swissnex San Francisco (2012)