Christian Prada

Day in and day out, Christian works with startups from all over the world on their ideas. His goal is to get these startups to the point where they’ve built a scalable and sustainable international business model. With that in mind, he recently launched CoupCamp, a sweat capital angel program to get international ventures through the seed phase in their home country with the ultimate goal of later relocating to Silicon Valley and raising money on a larger scale.

Christian is well connected in the Valley and serves as Operations Chair of the MIT/Stanford Venture Lab (VLAB), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the growth and success of hi-tech ventures. VLAB hosts the largest ongoing gathering of 25,000+ Silicon Valley influencers, including entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and thought leaders.

Christian is a Swiss serial entrepreneur and worked with numerous startups, some also from Switzerland. He understands the problems Swiss startups face when scaling internationally. In his +13 years experience in the hi-tech industry, he has effectively bridged US and European best practices delivering innovative solutions and bottom line results to top brands, corporations and startups.


  • Startup strategy (including lean startup)

  • Customer development and product/market fit

  • Market and customer intelligence

  • Competitive and go-to-market strategies

  • Business development from alliance sourcing and evaluation to negotiation


  • Web, social, mobile technologies

  • Cloud based and SaaS solutions

  • Platform/API strategies