Cross-Corporate Camp

This program is a 2-week, structured innovation program that can serve multiple corporates’ internal innovation projects at the same time. It is tailored to the needs of companies that want to engage with the Silicon Valley ecosystem around a chosen topic of importance for the company’s innovation practice. After the conclusion of the camp, participating companies can choose to spend an additional 6 weeks working on their projects from our living lab at Pier 17.

The cross-corporate camp is a new offering that swissnex San Francisco will start marketing early 2019 to see how much interest we can attract for the pilot program in Q3/Q4 2019. A minimum of 4 participating companies and a maximum of 8 are envisioned, with the ability for each company to send up to 2 people. The program will be cheaper per company if the maximum group size is reached. Per company the program will cost in the range of CHF 13’000 – 24’000 based on total number of participating companies. Corporates are encouraged to help sign up interested companies which is in their financial, and innovation network, interest.

Camp program objectives

  • Turn “push” topics of importance to leadership into concrete projects led by employees
  • Foster digital ambassadors within company
  • Learn from other corporates who attend
  • Encourage cross-corporate collaborations
  • Prototype structured program for innovation; have a fixed time in year for sending people

Program participants are envisioned to have a specific topic focus, with the content of the program supporting a participant’s ability to produce outputs after the conclusion of the program such as:

  • Key recommendations for leadership
  • Business opportunities discovered
  • Potential use cases for specific technologies
  • List of potential open innovation partners
  • Presentation or white paper


  • Members: Open to any Swiss corporate. Up to 8 spots available in the camp.

Camp program timing

  • 2-week structured program in Q4 2019 (tent. Oct 7 – 18)
  • Ability for participants to stay at swissnex up to 6 weeks after program ends
  • Camp is envisioned to be offered once per year if pilot successful

Content outline (suggestion)







Laura Erickson
Head of Innovation & Sustainability