Building from Waste

A showcase of more than 20 different materials produced from waste including plastic bottles, old jeans, and used newspapers.

Event Details


swissnex San Francisco
730 Montgomery St., San Francisco, 94111 United States


April 21, 2015 - April 26, 2015



In the Building from Waste exhibition from ETH Zurich (based on the book by the same name), visitors can pick up, touch, and smell more than 20 examples of alternative construction materials produced from waste. The materials range from panels for building facades made of straw and PET bottles to fibers found in newspaper, wood, and denim jeans.

The exhibition and book also include examples of Philip Ross’ sturdy, lightweight products including bricks made from strong, organic fungal fibers—basically mushrooms—created by his Mycoworks studio.

Exhibit Hours

Monday – Friday, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Free, no registration required. Contact us for a group appointment.

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Photo: Myleen Hollero