Data Canvas: Sense Your City

Help build a 100-sensor DIY network around the world to collect and visualize open data.

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Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Boston, Bangalore, Singapore, Shanghai and Geneva


December 05, 2014



The Data Canvas is on its way. In anticipation, makers, hackers, community organizations, universities, high schools, and anyone who is curious is invited to participate!

Spread over seven cities around the world, 100 participants will build an open, Do-it-Yourself (DIY) environmental sensor network measuring air quality, noise, pollution, light, and temperature in all six cities where swissnex is located—Rio de Janiero, San Francisco, Boston, Bangalore, Singapore, Shanghai—as well as the city of Geneva, in Switzerland.

Apply now to receive a sensor kit and begin collecting and opening data to the world to feed the online data visualization competition, which launches in February 2015 at the Lift Conference in Geneva. Please stay tuned.

Last year (as the Urban Data Challenge), we opened up transportation data to the public. This time around we are empowering citizens to collect their own data and open it up for all to visualize. Lift, Gray Area, the swissnex network, and our partner SEEED studio are looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


Apply by Dec 5, 2014, to receive a sensor kit and begin collecting data. Selected applicants will be notified by December 8, 2014.



Photo: Myleen Hollero