3 unique electro-acoustic performances by Christophe Fellay

swissnex presents an original composition by Swiss musician and composer Christophe Fellay: three truly unique electro-acoustic performances inspired by the sounds of San Francisco.

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swissnex San Francisco
730 Montgomery St., San Francisco, 94111 United States


September 20, 2005 - September 23, 2005

swissnex’ first artist-in-residence, Swiss musician and composer Christophe Fellay, will be presenting the result of his work in San Francisco during a series of 3 truly unique electro-acoustic performances, September 20, 21 and 22 at swissnex.

The underlying inspiration for this series of concerts draws from Christophe’s impression of the sounds of the city, gathered during his six-week stay in the Bay Area working in-residence at swissnex, and with local artists and institu­tions such as the Exploratorium. Christophe’s music will be deconstruc ted, leaving only basic forms and textures of sound that serve as the base for an ephemeral musical experience.

Fellay’s music will be played in and transmitted throughout the Golden Era swissnex building in the Jackson Square Historic District, utilizing it as a container, where walls, windows and floors – the texture and structure of the space – become an interactive part of the show.

Local sound designer Kim Cascone, known for his work with director David Lynch, joins Christophe during the first two performances, while the third night offers a special surprise for the audience, reflecting the culmination of Christophe’s West Coast experience.

Christophe Fellay is known for his conceptual work, combining rhythm and computer technologies, as well as his extensive improvisational skills. He has also written contemporary music for string quartets, percussion and jazz groups, rock and hip-hop bands, as well as a variety of singers. Over the years, Christophe has participated in many North American and European tours. He was a featured performer at the 34th Montreux Jazz Festival (2000) and has played on over 50 cd’s. He is currently a professor of jazz drumming and theory at the Montreux Music Conservatory and the head of the Sound Department at the ECAV School of the Arts in Sierre, Switzerland. At this year’s Montreux Jazz Festival, Christophe served as a judge for the voice competition, along with internationally known musicians Randy Crawford and Barbara Hendricks. www.tambuprod.com

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Photograph: Myleen Hollero