The Right Stuff: Cutting-Edge Materials in Sports

Would gold medalists be as good without their top-notch equipment? Meet Bcomp, a Swiss company that’s creating the future of sports performance through natural, sustainable materials.

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swissnex San Francisco
730 Montgomery St., San Francisco, 94111 United States


September 13, 2012 from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm America/Los Angeles (UTC-07:00)

In August, the first event of our series on Sports & Technology looked into performance-enhancing substances and the ever-present issue of high-tech doping in sports. Apart from these illegal methods, athletes have benefited from technological progress in their equipment as well.

Take Michael Phelps, for example. His three-part swim uniform – cap, goggles, and suit – “constricts the stomach the least and the chest, buttocks and hips the most, attempting to mold swimmers into an unblemished tube.” And Roger Federer chooses his racquets for their utmost precision and “clean feel;” they’re matched to his playing style and allow him to maximize the efficiency of each swing. What innovations will come next? How will they change the lives of not just elite athletes but also you and me?

Come to swissnex San Francisco and meet the Bcomp team, a Swiss company that uses natural fibers as a base to develop high-quality sporting gear. cYrille Boinay, one of the managing directors and the head of business development and administration at Bcomp, has been an avid skier since his early childhood. He will present the latest products designed by his company and the potential incorporation of their research in innovations outside of sports.


6:30 pm  doors open
7:00 pm  presentations and audience Q&A
8.30 pm  reception, networking, and material presentation (Bcomp)
10:00 pm  doors close


cYrille Boinay

cYrille Boinay is one of the managing directors of Bcomp and the head of business development and administration. He holds a degree in business administration from the University of Applied Sciences in Fribourg. He is a career entrepreneur who has founded and managed several startups, including db skis, Graphics Network, and Pearlwater. In addition, he has significant experience within the consumer goods branches of several major Swiss companies. Since the age of three, cYrille Boinay has spent a significant time in the snow on either one or two boards. He has crossed both Africa, from his hometown of Bern, Switzerland, to Cape Town, South Africa, and South America, from Ushuaia in Argentina to Colombia, by 4×4.


Peter Turner

Peter Turner has been the ski designer and a partner in DPS Skis since its inception in 2005. He works full time in all aspects of the design and engineering of DPS ski and snowsports products and is the President of a local water company. Prior to joining DPS Skis, Peter was the principal ski designer at Volant Sports before it was acquired by Atomic Sports in 2004, and Goode Ski Technologies before he joined DPS Skis. He designed the first skiable all carbon construction skis.
Peter has over 23 years’ experience in composites including development of aircraft structures and over 18 years in the snowsports business holding various positions at Hexcel, Hanson ski boots, RockShox, and Reynolds Composites related to the design and manufacturing of various composite sporting goods products. He has been an avid skier most of his life and worked as a professional guide at Powder Mountain, Utah. He holds several patents in sporting goods and composite structures. Peter received a BS degree from the University of Washington and an MS Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado.


This event is a project of the U.S.-wide program ThinkSwiss-Brainstorm the Future. As a leading country in science, research, and technology, Switzerland is working with its American counterparts to address key global topics such as sustainability to better understand trends and arrive at solutions.


Photo: Myleen Hollero

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