Next Stop: Micromobility [Recording]

Explore how public spaces can be turned into micromobility hubs and what key elements have to be considered.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2020
09:00am to 10:00am in San Francisco 06:00pm to 07:00pm in Switzerland


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In recent years, cities are being challenged by a growing number of micromobility options. The use of traditional parking space, package delivery, and pick-up/drop-off locations are now competing with the desire to incorporate bike lanes, shared bikes and e-scooters. Demand on curb space is increasing and new micromobility providers from scooters, e-bikes or shared mopeds bring a new set of challenges. How can we develop such services for the public good? Which sharing models have worked for cities around the globe? How does the micromobility landscape transform into a (post-)pandemic world? 

Join the conversation with thought leaders and experts from Silicon Valley and Europe to learn more about the future of micromobility and how these new services will be integrated into the urban mobility landscape.

This is the first panel of the four part series Next Stop: Approaching the Future of Mobility that surfaces ideas and insights from mobility experts in four main areas: micromobility, simulation of mobility, hyperloop, and autonomous vehicles. This series is a collaboration between the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), and swissnex San Francisco, and will feature a mix of panels and presentations with thought-leaders, presentations from leading startups, insights into the most cutting-edge new vehicles, networking opportunities, and more.


San Francisco
09:00am — Introduction by Gioia Deucher, CEO swissnex SF
09:05am — Overview with all panelists (moderated by Andreas Jossen)
09:15am — Panel 1: Building Public Spaces for Micromobility
09:25am — Panel 2: Building Partnerships for Micromobility
09:35am — Panel 3: Micromobility during the Pandemic
09:45am — Q&A
09:55am — Conclusion

06:00pm — Introduction by Gioia Deucher, CEO swissnex SF
06:05pm — Overview with all panelists (moderated by Andreas Jossen)
06:15pm — Panel 1: Building Public Spaces for Micromobility
06:25pm — Panel 2: Building Partnerships for Micromobility
06:35pm — Panel 3: Micromobility during the Pandemic
06:45pm — Q&A
06:55pm — Conclusion


Andreas Jossen
Andreas represents Switzerland’s largest mobility provider SBB CFF FFS in Silicon Valley, as Head of Technology & Innovation Outpost in San Francisco. His mission is to find and connect the best startups to the railway business and to open new business opportunities.Andreas is an Innovation and Business Development professional with experience in the Mobility and Telecommunications industry. He is passionate about startups and engaging with technology and innovation leaders to discover business opportunities.

Andri Wienandts
Andri Wienandts is as a Mobility Intrapreneur for the Swiss Federal Railways SBB. The company division is focusing on innovation, research and incubation of transport and new mobility services. Current projects include the piloting of Sharing Hubs, research and testing of intermodal booking platforms as well as on-demand and autonomous vehicle services. Prior to joining SBB, Andri Wienandts worked in Energy Trading and Consulting. He also managed and sold his own startup company. He holds an EMBA of the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Horace Dediu
Founder of Micromobility Industries, the Micromobility Podcast, and Bond Mobility in Switzerland, Dediu is actively presenting on the topic world-wide, helping business leaders across industries anticipate the required major business model changes ahead. He launched the Micromobility Conference in 2017, and the now-annual summits bring together hundreds of micromobility doers and influencers across the sector: entrepreneurs, investors, engineers and policymakers. He hosts the Micromobility and Critical Path podcasts, and his market intelligence platform Through engagements and performances in front of companies as diverse as IKEA, IBM, Apple, Facebook, Fidelity Investments, Motorola and Riot Games, he enthralls audiences with a unique presentation technique, using custom-built tools that must be seen to be fully understood.

Karen Vancluysen
Karen was appointed as Secretary General of Polis in September 2014, after having been the network’s Research Director for 8 years. Prior to joining POLIS in 2004, she was Network Manager at ACCESS-EUROCITIES for a New Mobility Culture and project manager at Langzaam Verkeer, a Belgian centre for mobility management. Since 1998, she has been involved in urban mobility networking, innovation and policy activities as well as a wide range of European urban transport research projects. Karen speaks English, Dutch and French.

Shilpi Kumar

Shilpi is Venture Partner with Urban Us, and investment platform focused on urbantech and climate solutions. She specializes in customer development and product strategy for early-stage companies, with experience as both a consultant and early employee. She previously led go-to-market and early sales efforts at Filament, a startup focused on deploying secure wireless networks for connected physical assets. Shilpi has a background as an investor, focused on hardware, mobility, energy, IoT, and robotics. She is passionate about leveraging technology to decarbonize industry, upgrade cities, and fight climate change. Before Urban Us, Shilpi worked with with VTF, First Round Capital, and Village Global. Shilpi graduated from Duke University with a degree in Neuroscience and Economics.

Sandra Phillips
Sandra turns new mobility visions into reality: as a Shared Mobility Architect she has been involved in more than 60 different shared mobility services world-wide. Her work spans across Mobility-as-a-Service programs in Vancouver, Canada, microtransit for rural island communities, e-mopeds in Brooklyn as well as the numerous carshare services, including ekar the first service in the Middle East. Sandra’s approach is rooted in her work experience in Senior Management and Executive roles with global OEMs, as well as being a product manager, startup advisor and shared mobility advocate. She is considered a world-wide expert on the subject, is a part-time lecturer with the Smart Mobility Program of University St. Gallen and has been appointed to the Connected and Automated Vehicles and Shared Mobility Expert Panel of the Canadian Council of Academies.

Warren Logan
Warren Logan serves as the Policy Director of Mobility and Inter Agency Relations for the Mayor’s Office of Oakland. He is responsible for advancing the City’s vision for safe and sustainable transportation for all Oaklanders. Prior to the Mayor’s Office, Warren worked as a senior planner for the San Francisco County Transportation Authority. There he managed the agency’s emerging mobility practice researching how these services impact San Francisco’s long-range transportation goals, developing city and state policies and framing opportunities for public private partnerships. Warren received his Masters in City and Regional Planning from UC Berkeley’s Department of City and Regional Planning and his B.A. in Urban and Environmental Policy from Occidental College.