(Re-) Cycles of Paradise

swissnex teams up with LACE to showcase the ARTPORT-curated exhibition, a show that focuses on issues of gender roles and climate change, throwing in some science to boot.

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LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions)
6522 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90028 United States


October 25, 2012 - December 17, 2012

swissnex San Francisco teams up with LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) to present the North American premiere of (Re-) Cycles of Paradise, 25 October – 16 December 2012, a thematic group exhibition organized by the Swiss curatorial collective ARTPORT_making waves. International in scope, this exhibition explores the complex and multifaceted relationship between gender and climate change, and features work by an extensive group of artists that includes Swiss contributors Roman Signer, George J. Steinmann, Mélodie Mousset with Zachary Sharrin, and Ursula Scherrer.

The concept behind (Re-) Cycles of Paradise originates from the hypothesis that the world is, by necessity, the only possible paradise that we can create and conserve. Starting from this belief, the participating artists explore reasons and manifestations of the interdependences between gender roles and climate change; they illustrate the effects of our behavior and propose innovative ways to recreate a new and sustainable paradise. Various sub-themes of the gender and climate debate, such as mitigation, adaptation, financial incentive, and technological development, are woven into the poetic, interpretative, narrative, and documentary approaches of the artists.

The artists use the context of climate change to examine the vulnerability and strength of women; the control, or lack thereof, by women of resources; the consequences of forced emigration; illnesses affecting women; and the resilience of women as they face all of these difficulties. The exhibition also takes into consideration the effect on the environment and natural resources. Many works of art are made of recycled or found material and produced on location or with low carbon footprint, such as video, while all the equipment involved in it will be reused or recycled.

This is the fifth stop for the (Re-) Cycles of Paradise show and concept, which has been shown in parallel to the United Nations Climate Conferences, COP 15 (Copenhagen, 2009), and COP16 (Mexico City, 2010), among many other places.


(Re-) Cycles of Paradise Press and VIP preview
Thursday, October 25, 2012
7:00pm to 8:00pm

(Re-) Cycles of Paradise exhibition
Friday, October 26 to Saturday, December 15, 2012
Gallery hours: Wednesday to Sunday, noon to 6:00pm

Panel Discussion: Explorations, Collaborations, Transformations: The Artist’s Role in Raising Awareness about Climate Change
Saturday, October 27, 2012
2:00pm to 4:00pm
Preceded by a performance by Melodie Mousset and Zachary Sharrin

*Note: all events take place at LACE


Kim Abeles

Subhankar Banerjee

Charley Case

Meschac Gaba

Anita Glesta

Melodie Mousset

Zachary Sharrin

Nnenna Okore

Ursula Scherrer


George Steinmann


ARTPORT_making waves is an international arts organization dedicated to initiating public discourse and exploring opportunities for positive change in regard to environmental issues through exhibitions, discussions, and artists exchanges. ARTPORT_making waves encourages the cross-fertilization of art, science, and politics.

About LACE
LACE champions and challenges the art of our time by fostering artists who innovate, explore, and risk. We move within and beyond our four walls to provide opportunities for diverse publics to engage deeply with contemporary art. In doing so, we further dialogue and participation between and among artists and those audiences.

With the support of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, the Consulate General of Switzerland in Los Angeles, and ThinkSwiss – Brainstorm the Future. 


Photo: Myleen Hollero