Exhibit: Inside Real Virtuality

Move through the 3D environment of a pharoah’s tomb, a maze, and a dance performance thanks to a smart mix of motion capture and virtual reality.

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swissnex San Francisco
730 Montgomery St., San Francisco, 94111 United States


August 18, 2015 - August 22, 2015



The Real Virtuality exhibit is a multi-user immersive platform combining a 3D environment seen through a virtual reality headset, with a real-life stage set. Users are tracked by a motion capture system, allowing them to physically move through a virtual environment—a pharoah’s tomb, a maze, a dance performance—in which they can see their own bodies and interact with other people. Their movements, streamed with very low latency, exactly match their avatar’s movements in the 3D simulation.

In addition to Real Virtuality, visitors can play with Artanim’s 3D In Motion (3DIM) technology, which captures body movements in real time and instantaneously converts them into sound and 3D graphics. 3DIM effectively turns the user into an interactive musical instrument, a 3D sculptor, or a dancer.

Exhibit Hours

Tuesday – Friday, 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm*
Walk-ins welcome.
Contact us for media inquiries or a group appointment.
(*closes at 6:30pm on August 19 for a private event)

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More Info

The Real Virtuality platform was created by the Geneva-based foundation Artanim. swissnex San Francisco’s edition is lead by Artanim’s co-founders Caecilia Charbonnier and Sylvain Chagué. Visitors have the opportunity to experience three different environments:

“Walking through a Pharaoh’s tomb” allows users to explore an ancient Pharaoh’s tomb in its initial splendor, before it was looted centuries ago. Visitors explore the tomb by foot carrying a virtual torch to illuminate their surroundings. The Geneva-based startup Kenzan created the scenography and 3D modeling of the virtual environment.

“Prepare to be aMazed!” plays with your senses and emotions. Users progress through a maze and must use their dexterity to avoid the traps and surprises.

“A ballet from the inside” aims to create a virtual performance of a contemporary dance where users can embed themselves into the piece and watch from every point of view as the dancers evolve, as if they were themselves actors on stage. Research and motion capture prototype for this work was done by Cie Gilles Jobin in Geneva. The choreography is by Gilles Jobin, the dancers are Gilles Jobin and Susana Panades Diaz, and the music is by Franz Treichler.


Sylvain Chagué

Sylvain Chagué graduated from the engineering school “Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne,” in France, specializing in image processing, computer graphics, 3D animation, and motion capture technologies. His areas of expertise are the use of motion capture data for 3D animation and video games, virtual reality applications, interactive human-computer interfaces, as well as 3D body scanning technologies. He is the co-founder and current Technology Director of Artanim.

Caecilia Charbonnier

Caecilia Charbonnier obtained a Master of Advanced Studies in Computer Graphics at EPFL and a PhD in Computer Science at MIRALab at the University of Geneva. She is the co-founder and current President and Research Director of Artanim. She is also lecturer in biomechanics and 3D imaging at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva. Her work focuses on the interdisciplinary use of motion capture for applications ranging from 3D animation, virtual reality, live performances to movement science, orthopedics, and sports medicine.\


Photo: Myleen Hollero

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