Sept. 24 – Oct 21: The swissnex gallery becomes a responsive environment to explore and inhabit.

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swissnex San Francisco
Pier 17, Suite 800, San Francisco, California 94111 United States


September 25, 2016 12:00 pm - October 22, 2016 4:00 pm America/Los Angeles (UTC-08:00)



Transformed into an interactive landscape of soft geometric forms, the swissnex gallery becomes a responsive environment to explore and inhabit. Building blocks created out of recycled foam by Swiss architects BUREAU A make up a space where visitors can pause and connect. Share your ideas and grow the exhibition through special foam hats envisioned by Swiss interaction design studio Fragment.in, using #swisspier plus #WORK, #EAT, #LIVE, #TALK, #THINK, or #SLEEP.


Artists’ statement

“The Times They Are a-Changin’.” Bob Dylan’s simple yet powerful message represented the drive of an entire generation, and still resonates strongly in our ears. The artistic forms rooted in Switzerland approach this idea from another perspective, finding its strength in simplicity. Consider Max Bill and ‘Die gute Form,’ or the Helvetica font. One could easily make the claim that in this simplicity lies rigidity as well. And yet, Max Bill and Bob Dylan complement each other in unexpected ways.

SOFTFORMhero_web_MYHO1808Here we are in San Francisco, in 2016, a city not bound by strict code but rather a city which desires constant change and progress. Switzerland at Pier 17 represents this desire: a constant search for evolution, the “new”, and the unknown.

For the opening, the space will be transformed into a landscape of basic shapes, overtaking the gallery completely to host a variety of dynamic and informal exchanges. No stiffness exists here. The US West Coast is meeting Switzerland, everything is soft, welcoming, and can be used informally. Foam objects, furniture sculpture, and basic figures will be assembled in a great variety of ways to evolve over the span of the opening weekend and the following month-long exhibition. Swiss precision with a cool attitude.” – Bureau A

Share your ideas

We will discuss how humans #WORK #EAT #LIVE #TALK #THINK and #SLEEP – now – and in the decades to come. You can watch videos from speakers, artists and workshop contributors from the Grand Opening of Switzerland at Pier 17. Each brings a drastically different perspective to our thinking and discussions. Use #swisspier and grow the conversation live at the exhibition and online, as part of the interface created by artists Fragment.in.


How, where, and why will we work in the future








New food and new behavior








Storytelling in the real and virtual world








From artificial intelligence to intelligent matter








Shaping the future of hospitality




BUREAU A is an architectural practice co-founded in 2012 by Leopold Banchini and Daniel Zamarbide. As an internationally acclaimed firm with offices in Geneva and Lisbon, BUREAU A is a multidisciplinary platform that aims to blur the boundaries between research and architectural execution.



Fragment.in is an interaction design studio founded by three former ECAL students: Simon de Diesbach, Marc Dubois and Laura Perrenoud. While they were earning their Bachelors in Media & Interaction Design from Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne, the three designers focused on creating innovative and interactive art projects. Fragment.in experiments and explores the boundaries between digital and tangible interaction, mixing installation, video and game design. Fragment.in was also recently awarded the COLLIDE residency, which grant artists the possibility to create a project and conduct research at CERN.



Photo: Myleen Hollero

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