Swiss Immersive Stories at Sundance Film Festival 2020

Experience immersive storytelling from Swiss artists at the Sundance Film Festival.

A still from Dance Trail by Gilles Jobin, Camilo De Martino, Tristan Siodlak, and Susana Panades Diaz. Courtesy of Sundance Institute.

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Sundance Film Festival
Park City, Utah 84098 United States


Thursday, January 23, 2020 – Sunday, February 2, 2020 Park City, Utah


Sundance Festival Pass Required

The Sundance Film Festival showcases work at the intersection of film, art, and technology — with the latest in immersive storytelling being shown at the New Frontier Exhibition 2020.

Every year in January, Swiss artists working in new media present their work at the New Frontier Exhibition at Sundance Film Festival in Utah USA – one of the world’s premier independent film festivals. This exhibition showcases narrative worlds that leverage new technologies, immersive designs, game theory, transmedia activism, and shifts in the boundaries of authorship. In the last decade, the media landscape has transformed, and storytellers are both exploring as well as constructing this new terrain, pioneering new connections with audiences and restructuring story design.

In 2020, three Swiss projects will be presented at the New Frontier Exhibition:

  • Go with lead artists: Sandro Zollinger, Roman Vital, Klaus Merz. Key Collaborator: Thomas Gassmann – New Frontier
  • Dance Trail with lead artists: Gilles Jobin, Camilo De Martino, Tristan Siodlak, Susana Panades Diaz. Key Collaborators: Laurent Rime, Léo Thiémard – New Frontier
  • After the Fallout with lead artists: Sam Wolson, Dominic Nahr. Key Collaborator: Makiko Segawa – New Frontier

The Consulate General of Switzerland in San Francisco, swissnex San Francisco, SWISS FILMS, and Christian Frei Film produktion GmbH will present an invite-only Swiss Reception for participating artists, and funding partners.

As part of swissnex San Francisco’s presence at the Sundance New Frontier exhibition, a podcast episode will be recorded live, for nextcasts, with the participating Swiss artists working on new technologies in film.


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