Swiss Startup Night: Spring 2018

Meet Switzerland’s most promising tech startups at our bi-annual pitch night.

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swissnex San Francisco
Pier 17, Suite 800, San Francisco, California 94111 United States


March 16, 2018 from 4:45 pm to 8:30 pm America/Los Angeles (UTC-08:00)


$10 (online) - $15 (at the door)

Join us at Pier 17 for the 2018 Spring Edition of the Swiss Startup Night! Expect an evening filled with demos, pitches, networking, and a chance to gain insights into Switzerland’s strong startup ecosystem at the heart of Europe.

As part of this event, swissnex San Francisco will welcome the winners of Switzerland’s annual venture leaders Technology organized by venturelab. They will present at the Swiss Startup Night event, organized with the support of event partners venturelab, Swisscom and DART. Ten startups have been chosen by a jury of investors as the Swiss National Startup Team for Venture Leaders Technology 2018 from over 110 applicants. The designated entrepreneurs will fly to the Bay Area for a one week roadshow in March to accelerate their expansion into the US market and build an exceptional business network through meeting investors and industry leaders in Silicon Valley, showcasing Switzerland as a deep tech nation.

Arrive early to meet the startups and enjoy a light “apéro”


5:45pm Registration & networking
6:45pm Welcome
7:00pm 5 1-on-1 startup pitch battles between the members of the Swiss National Startup Team, with Q&A from Philipp Stauffer of, while audience votes on “Which company would you be more likely to invest in?”
8:00pm Networking
9:00pm Doors close


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CREAL3D | Tomas Sluka | | Lausanne
CREAL3D takes Virtual Reality and uses light-field projectors to transmit images with realistic depth perception, allowing the user to focus on objects at different distances and to blend Virtual Reality with the real-world. Along with applications in gaming and cinema, CREAL3D target smart-glasses as the future smartphones of tomorrow.

Dotphoton | Eugenia Balysheva | | Geneva
The size and number of images taken every year is growing so quickly that storage and network technologies can’t keep up. Dotphoton™ is an image compression solution for professional applications: it makes RAW images up to 10 times smaller with a heavy guarantee that quality will be preserved, saving a corresponding amount of time and money.

Exeon Analytics | David Gugelmann | | Zurich
Exeon Analytics use big data analytics to fight advanced cyber attacks. It often takes months, if not years, until data breaches are detected because they are well hidden among millions of regular user activities. The ExeonTrace security analytics and visualization software allows companies to understand their network traffic and detect cyber attacks and data breaches using machine learning.

Fashwell | Matthias Dantone | | Zurich
Fashwell aim to replace internet search bars with a camera. By using a custom made suite of image recognition tools, including Visual Search, Visual Recommendation and Automatic Product Tagging, the startup can recognize products from images, thus enabling the consumer to find a product by searching for its image. Fashwell have the highest accuracy in product recognition on the market.

Fotokite | Christopher McCall | | Zurich
Fotokite is a B2B tethered UAV (drone) system that can be used to fly safely and autonomously for over 24 hours. Fotokite is safe to use above crowds and in cities, thus opening it up to uses in public safety, sports, and broadcast journalism by providing an aerial data livestream to the ground. Fotokite is the first drone system to be given approval by the FAA for commercial use in the USA above crowds.

Imverse | Javier Bello Ruiz | | Geneva
Imverse is developing software and providing services for photorealistic content that mixes virtual reality with the real-world. Their proprietary voxel-based rendering and simulation graphics engine quickly and easily transforms a single 360o 2D picture into a life-sized, 3D mixes-reality experience containing live hologram actors and real-time VFX. Coming soon to a movie theater near you!

inVoli | Manu Lubrano | | Lausanne
inVoli develops hardware and software solutions allowing the safe integration of drones into standard air traffic, accommodating the needs of both drone professionals and national flight authorities, while increasing sky security. The company’s software will provide drones with the position of surrounding air traffic, even at low altitudes, allowing them to avoid collisions.

Moka Studio | Benoît Le Callennec | | Martigny
Moka Studio uses its NumiK technology to animate virtual humans and enable them to move like real people. With current applications in 3D animation, VR and AR for sports and rehabilitation, the startup launched Mosketch in 2017, a software that allows professional animators to animate any 3D character at the stroke of a pen, reducing production times by 4 on average.

Technis | Wiktor Bourée | | Lausanne
Technis commercializes smart flooring solutions for people flow management and monitoring in complex environments. By equipping sensitive areas, peoples’ activity may be tracked in order to deliver precise, real-time monitoring of people entering and leaving different areas: Technis’ solutions provide actionable data for resource optimization and security.

Touchless Automation | Maurizio Migliore | | Biel/Bienne
Touchless Automation is the pioneer in contactless micro handling. Located in the heart of the Swiss Watch Valley, its aim is to provide contactless manipulation solutions to improve the production yield of any industry dealing with micro components assembly.

Photo: San Francisco at Night by Nan Palmero, CC-BY 2.0 via Flickr.

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