Swiss Storytelling at Sundance New Frontier

Experience the next wave of immersive storytelling at the Sundance Film Festival.

Still from Interlooped, courtesy Imverse

Event Details


New Frontier Central
Sundance Film Festival , Park City, Utah 84098 United States


January 24, 2019 8:00 am - February 04, 2019 5:00 pm America/Los Angeles (UTC-08:00)


Sundance Festival Pass Required

The Sundance Film Festival showcases work at the crossroads of film, art, and technology — and perhaps no section is more dynamic than New Frontier.

The New Frontier 2019 exhibitions are a curated collection of cutting-edge independent and experimental media works by creators who push artistic innovation across new mediums such as VR, AR, mixed reality (MR) and AI. After a successful showcase in 2018, Imverse SA return to Sundance with a new experience, Interlooped: the first live, multi-user volumetric mixed-reality installation. The project is presented at the New Frontier Central exhibition space with support from Pro Helvetia and swissnex San Francisco.

Switzerland will also be represented in the films at New Frontier by Walden, a cinematic portrait of the paradoxical journey of an Austrian tree along globalized trade routes by director Daniel Zimmermann and producer Aline Schmid.




Interlooped is a mixed reality experience and premieres as the first ever live multi-user volumetric capture installation. The project was co-created by artist Maria Guta and Imverse SA (Javier Bello Ruiz and Robin Mange) by using the ground-breaking technology Imverse LiveStage, which captures live performances and integrates a real-time hologram of the user’s body and the performer’s body live into the virtual space. Maria Guta is well-versed in the world of VR, as she used to be the curator of the World VR Forum Annual Summit in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. Her recent work as an independent artist explores photography, performance, and interactive media. Imverse SA, a spin-off from EPFL, develops software and provides services for photorealistic Mixed Reality content creation. 


In this Swiss film from director Daniel Zimmermann, a fir tree in an Austrian forest is felled and processed into wooden slats, which are then transported by train, boat and truck into the Brazilian rainforest. With powerful 360°-sequence shots, Walden portrays a paradoxical journey along globalized trade routes.