swissnex Demo Day

Meet the Swiss startups from the swissnex San Francisco Startup Bootcamp.

Photo by Nathalie Kardjian for swissnex San Francisco

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Online Event


Thursday, October 22, 2020
09:00am to 11:15am in San Francisco 06:00pm to 08:15pm in Switzerland


Despite the current pandemic, our support for Swiss startups wanting to internationalize continues. We’re excited to announce that for the second time this year, we’re taking our swissnex Startup Bootcamp online, making our Demo Day available for audiences worldwide. This bootcamp’s cohort has a strong health focus, and we’re happy to announce a new partnership with Swiss Healthcare Startups. The two winners of their Booster Program won an exclusive participation to our Fall bootcamp for which all nine finalist startups went through a challenging selection process, and target the US market.  

Stay tuned for the announcement of our final startup selection, and join us online for virtual demos, pitches, a unique opportunity to meet the startups one-on-one, and mingle with an international audience on October 22nd!


San Francisco
09:00am — Welcome
09:10am — Round 1 round of Startup Pitches (3min pitches / 3min Q&A)
09:35am — Networking Break (10min)
09:45am — Round 2 Startup round of Pitches (3min pitches / 3min Q&A)
10:15am — Virtual Demo Tables and Networking
11:15am — End

06:00pm — Welcome
06:10pm — Round 1 Startup Pitches (3min pitches / 3min Q&A)
06:35pm — Networking Break (10min)
06:45pm — Round 2 Startup round of Pitches (3min pitches / 3min Q&A)
07:15pm — Virtual Demo Tables and Networking
08:15pm — End


ASPIVIX | Mathieu HORRAS, Co-founder & CEO |

Every year, more than 80M women worldwide experience pain, bleeding and tissue tear when undergoing common gynecological procedures that require uterus access. This trauma is generated by the Cervical Tenaculum, an instrument with sharp hooks that pinch the cervix to generate traction. ASPIVIX is changing that by developing a next-generation vacuum-based cervical device that delivers the same maneuverability as the tenaculum without the reported patient trauma. This device is ideal to help address unplanned pregnancies, considered one of the most significant global public health issues, by increasing the adoption of Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices (IUD), the most effective reversible contraceptive option available today. ASPIVIX empowers women and makes them free to choose their contraception option without fear. Find them on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube.

Auxivo AG
| Volker Bartenbach, Co-founder & CEO.  Michael Stucky, Co-founder & Chairman. Fabio Gobbo, Business Developer |

Auxivo is a spinoff from ETH Zurich developing the next generation of lightweight exoskeletons to improve workers‘ lives. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter.

JAMIE & I | Antonia Bolla, Founder |

Welcome to Your Personal Online Boutique with Sustainable Designers you’ll LOVE! Curated by Jamie, your personal artificially intelligent online stylist who curates your personal online boutique with a curated selection of sustainable designers tailored to your style. Follow them on Instagram, and Linkedin.

MYLEG | Giacomo Valle, Postdoctoral Researcher at ETHZ |

MYLEG is a non-invasive sensory feedback to improve MobilitY and to promote cognitive prosthesis integration in people with LEG amputation.

Neurosoft Bioelectronics | Nicolas Vachicouras, CEO & Karsten Bagger, CBO |

Neurosoft Bioelectronics develops implantable medical devices to interface with the brain and spinal cord to treat patients suffering from neurological disorders. Our main USP is that we are the only ones to have been able to combine extremely soft materials that match the mechanical properties of the nervous tissues with high-density electrodes. Thanks to these unique features, we can access some locations of the brain that are impossible to reach surgically otherwise. Our preliminary animal data also suggest that our soft electrodes reduce dramatically inflammation when implanted. Follow them on Linkedin and Twitter.

Optimo Medical AG | Harald P. Studer, CEO & Alexander van der Mey, CCO |

Optimo Medical AG is specialized in bio-mechanical analyses and simulation of the anterior eye. Since the companies founding in 2015, the team has built a steady reputation as the leading company in virtual trials for the anterior eye segment, and a global technology leader in patient specific astigmatism management. Follow them on Linkedin.

Scailyte | Peter Nestorov, CEO. Stefan Almestrand, Director Corporate Development. Andrius Serva, Business Development Manager. Agnieszka Sitarska, Business Development Associate |

Scailyte uses single cell technologies and AI to discover biomarkers for diseases in oncology and immunology. We have a number of patented biomarker signatures which we currently are developing into clinical diagnostic applications for hospitals and subsequently patients. Follow them on Linkedin


  • Altoida – Early stage Alzheimers detection trough gaming
  • Nanoga – Large interactive displays based on quantum computing

*with subject to change – final selection still in progress