swissnex Fireside Chat: Imagining New Realities 002 [Recording]

Bringing experts together to speculate what a ‘new normal’ might look like.

Photo by Nathalie Kardjian for swissnex San Francisco

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Online Event


Wednesday, July 1, 2020
08:30am to 09:30am in San Francisco 05:30pm to 06:30pm in Switzerland


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Work, education, economy, social life: the corona crisis is rapidly accelerating the digitization of important areas of society, and it is deeply impacting every aspect of our lives. How will this structural transformation of society play out in the long term? In a series of fireside chats, the trending informal yet structured interview discussions, swissnex SF will match two thought-leaders with diverse perspectives, from innovation, science, arts, policy or technology, to exchange ideas and insights, and speculate together what our post-COVID-19 “new normal” might look like.

The second edition of swissnex San Francisco’s digital initiative, hosted by our CEO Gioia Deucher, matched a Swiss design icon, Yves Béhar, Founder and CEO of fuseproject with a world leading biodiversity researcher, Michael Schaepman from the University of Zurich.

This event is taking place online. Register via Zoom to get our swissnex Fireside Chat: Imagining New Realities 002 Zoom link.


San Francisco
08:30am — Introduction by Gioia Deucher, CEO swissnex San Francisco
08:35am — Discussion with Yves Béhar, Founder and CEO of fuseproject and Prof. sc. nat. Michael Schaepman, Vice President of Research at University of Zurich
09:05am — Q&A
09:15am — Conclusion  

05:30pm — Introduction by Gioia Deucher, CEO swissnex San Francisco
05:35pm — Discussion with Yves Béhar, Founder and CEO of fuseproject and Prof. sc. nat. Michael Schaepman, Vice President of Research at University of Zurich
06:05pm — Q&A
06:15pm — Conclusion


Gioia Deucher
Gioia Deucher is the CEO of swissnex San Francisco. Gioia’s professional journey has taken her to various countries, from Colombia and Switzerland to the U.S. and Palestine, and most recently Brazil. Starting her post-university career in microfinance and sustainable investing working for small and large investment firms, Gioia has dedicated the last decade to fostering cross-continental collaborations with a view to inspire and strengthen Switzerland’s innovation ecosystem. Before setting out to build the first Latin American swissnex office Brazil in 2013, she headed the Startup and Innovation team at swissnex in San Francisco, where she returned to as CEO, in July of 2017. A curated innovation platform hosting 40+ startups, designers, scientists and corporates, swissnex’s Bay Area office acts as a convener for thought-provoking conversations on how technology and innovation shape our world, and fosters international connections and collaboration for meaningful action. Gioia holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from the Graduate Institute (IUHEID) in Geneva, Switzerland, and a second Master’s in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School in Medford/Boston, USA, and has completed continuing education courses in Design Thinking and Venture Capital. She acts as the President of the cancer survivor storytelling platform MySurvivalStory and is an advisory board member of DART Labs.


Yves Béhar
Yves Béhar, Founder and CEO of fuseproject, is a designer and entrepreneur who believes that integrated product, brand and experience design are the cornerstones of any business. Béhar has pioneered design as a force for positive social and environmental change. His humanitarian work includes the One Laptop Per Child and See Better to Learn Better, which has distributed 6 million free corrective eyeglasses to schoolchildren in Mexico for the last 10 years. He received the INDEX Award for these projects, making him the only designer to have received the award twice. Yves has also been at the forefront of entrepreneurial venture design, co-founding Forme Life, August, and Canopy, as well as partnering with numerous start-ups such as the Happiest Baby Snoo, Uber, Cobalt, Desktop Metal, Sweetgreen and many others. Other collaborations with renowned partners such as Herman Miller, Movado, Samsung, Puma, Issey Miyake, Prada, SodaStream, Nivea and many others have also received international acclaim.

Michael Schaepman
Prof. Dr. sc. nat. Michael Schaepman studied geography, experimental physics, and informatics at the University of Zurich and earned his doctoral degree at the Department of Geography of UZH in 1998. Following postdoctoral work at the University of Arizona in Tucson, USA, he returned to the UZH Department of Geography in 2000 to head up a research group. In 2003, Michael Schaepman was appointed professor of geographic information science at the Department of Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University (Netherlands), where as of 2005, he was academic head of the Center for Geoinformation. He has been professor of remote sensing at the Department of Geography (Remote Sensing Laboratories) at the University of Zurich since 2009. His research priorities include Earth observation, remote sensing, and spectroscopy to measure biodiversity from space. Michael Schaepman was appointed Vice Dean and then Dean of the Faculty of Science in 2014 and 2016, respectively. Since August 2017 he has been the member of the Executive Board of the University responsible for the areas of research, innovation and academic career development.