The Next Wave of Innovation: Transition to a Regenerative Era

A workshop exploring opportunities in the early days of an emerging regenerative era.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020
08:00am to 09:30am in San Francisco 05:00pm to 06:30pm in Switzerland


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Scientists have warned us about the climate crisis and global warming for decades, but we are now beginning to feel more of the effects they have long predicted. The West Coast of the U.S. is burning, intense storms are increasing around the world, glaciers are melting, rivers are flooding, and farmland is getting hit by droughts, and much more. At the end of almost every climate presentation, the speakers say, “but is there time”? We have definitely waited until the last possible moment when there might be time to innovate our way out of trouble.

COVID-19 has shown the world how quickly problems can spread, and also how quickly society can respond. Ironically, this seems to have kickstarted the move for finding climate solutions as well. A growing regenerative economy is beginning to emerge as companies, startups, investors, universities, governments, communities, and innovators are joining together to imagine and create the solutions we need. 

This session will highlight the opportunities in the early days of an emerging regenerative era, and will pose the questions about how you (and/or your organization) can play a role in creating it and bringing it to scale:  What territory do you want to claim in this emerging new space? What does it mean to lead into this new era?

This session is co-hosted by Enterprise Development Group

This event is part of our miniseries Regenerate the Economy focusing on planting seeds for a (post-) pandemic world that is supportive of human and planetary health.

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