Startup Webinar: Design Thinking for Productivity

Harness the behaviors to make you more productive, healthy, and successful.

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Most of us know the behaviors we should embrace to be more productive, healthy, and successful, but we don’t have a system for integrating those behaviors into our lives consistently.

Now, the emerging field of Behavior Design gives us a set of practical tools to create such a system. This approach represents a paradigm shift toward human-centered productivity that is more systematic, realistic, and sustainable.

This is a valuable session for anyone that is interested in designing their own habits. It is especially relevant for entrepreneurs and other self-employed workers for whom managing time and productivity is crucial. We will cover:

  • History and context of Behavior Design as an emerging area of self-improvement
  • Explanation of the Habit Loop model of human behavior and how to modify its main components – Trigger, Behavior, and Reward
  • The Habit Loop 2.0 model, integrating principles from UX design, Workflow Design, Decision Theory, Environment Design, and Quantified Self
  • Broad strategies and specific tactics based on research and facilitator experience
  • Identity-based behavior change and formulating implementation intentions
  • Self-tracking and analysis of behavioral data
  • Accountability and peer pressure for negative reinforcement
  • Planning for failure and counter-excuses
  • Common pitfalls and mistakes in behavior change

Note: This is an ONLINE webinar! A link to the event will be sent 24 hours before it begins.


Tiago Forte

Tiago Forte is a behavior design expert and founder of Forte Labs, a productivity consultancy based in San Francisco. He helps knowledge workers adapt and succeed in a rapidly changing world by designing systems for sustainable behavior change.




Photo: Myleen Hollero