you are variations: a preliminary résumé

This public lecture examines the connections between environmental, social, and mental ecology.

Courtesy Christina Della Giustina

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Thursday, February 11, 2021
12:00pm in San Francisco
09:00pm in Switzerland


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you are variations is a public lecture addressing a vital, urgent and intricate matter of concern: Can we learn to listen to a tree? And if so, how?

Christina Della Giustina presents research studying the water cycle of trees. It processes environmental data on sap flow from scientific research on climate change, transposing it into a musical score and enacting it collaboratively.  This draws attention to the complex water-cycling and sophisticated energy balance of trees under changing environmental conditions — relevant for contemporary scientific research on climate futures, and raising questions regarding the contemporary locus of art’s transformative power. The project proposes that we face these challenges together.

Presented in partnership with the SFAI Visiting Artists and Scholars Lecture Series (VAS), which provides a public forum for engagement and dialogue with major figures in international contemporary art and culture. Through lectures, screenings, and performances, the series creates intimate connections between SFAI, artists, and the public.


Christina Della Giustina

Christina Della Giustina studied Philosophy, Art History, and Linguistics at the University Zürich, CH, and completed her postgraduate studies in Fine Art and Political Theory at the Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht, NL. Christina Della Giustina’s artistic practice entails the gathering, structuring and transposing of data on water, rendering dynamics particular to specific environments publicly accessible and perceivable.