Zoom-In Festival: Future Sonic Cities Reloaded [Recording]

Connecting Swiss and Bay Area musicians to your home. Watch the recording of the festival.

Photo by Barak Shrama

Event Details


San Francisco
San Francisco, California United States


April 9, 2020
11:00am to 01:00pm



swissnex SF, The City of Zurich, Gray Area, Collective Action Studio, The Laundry and other partners (stay tuned) will showcase urban culture during times of crisis in a digital format that brings live-music from Switzerland and the Bay Area to your living room in the age of quarantine.

The concert features Bay Area groups Lexagon and Aja Archuleta, along with international Swiss artists, Tim and Puma Mimi, and None of Them who represent a new wave of abstract hiphop, heavy electronic, and jazz inspired afro-futurist femme ballads. In light of turmoil and uncertainty through the challenges we are facing today, Future Sonic Cities invites us to explore unknown territories and speculate a new world.

It will take place on April 9 in the Bay Area as a lunch event between 11am–1 pm and in Switzerland as a dinner event between 8–10 pm. This digital event revives a previous concert held at Gray Area during the Zurich Meets San Francisco Festival. 

Watch Zoom-In -Festival: Future Sonic Cities Reloaded via YoutTube Live.


San Francisco
11:00am — Tim and Puma Mimi
11:30am — Lexagon
12:00pm — None of Them
12:30pm — Aja Archuleta

08:00pm — Tim and Puma Mimi
08:30pm — Lexagon
09:00pm — None of Them
09:30pm — Aja Archuleta



Tim and Puma Mimi
Tim met Mimi at a Santa Claus Party in Utrecht NL end of 2003. As a member of  Seelenluft, Tim started to produce his own music at the time, and asked Mimi to contribute some vocals, as she mentioned that she had been a singer in the pop-punk band The Gumdrops in Tokyo. Within 10 days, they recorded their first EP “The Adventures of Tim & Puma Mimi”. Invitations to Popkomm Berlin, M4Music Zurich and Biennale Prague followed. But Mimi had to go back to Japan and worked hard as an office lady but Tim found a way to beam her into his live-shows: He could synchronize his music with the skype call with Mimi. Early morning she was singing in her kitchen to a boiling night club in Europe. That gathered worldwide attention and live shows in New York and Tokyo followed. In 2010 Mimi moved to Switzerland and they played shows all over (Montreux Jazz Festival, Sonar Barcelona, Airwaves Iceland, Swn Cardiff, Paléo Nyon). Tim invented the Fruitilyzer, an instrument with a vegetable as an interface. Released as a DIY-Kit in 2013. They composed soundtracks for Dance performances and Movies as “Der grosse Sommer”, “Ivan’s need” and two songs appeared on the soundtrack of “Ghost in the Shell” the Hollywood remake.

Alexa Burrell creates collages composed of narrative film, animation and soundscapes that center the Black femme experience. As a trained musician, her visual work is always informed by the logic of melody and rhythm to produce hypnotic afro-surrealist psycho-somatic experiences. She often compares the micro and macro, the scientific and spiritual, and the historical and mythical, to evoke the complexities of coloniality, gender, time travel and black feminist thought.


Alexandrea Archuleta
Alexandrea Archuleta is a sound artist, producer, DJ and quilter born of Colorado soil, currently flourishing under the California Sun and Moon.  With a background in technical theater she weaves together sounds into texture, into a garden of memory, connecting the past through the present and into the future.  Her soundworks, like her quilt works, hold the intention of transmitting the nurturing warmth of human touch and memory activation, delivering messages beyond space to withstand the test of time.

None of Them
None Of Them are an avantgarde duo consisting of Signup (vox, synths) and Michal Ho (electronics, vox). N.O.T. are constantly deconstructing stylistic boundaries and assimilating musical traditions so as to subvert them. They draw upon rock, rap, electro, punk, funk and goth, and infuse these 20th century husks with their own vision. On stage, Signup is the master of ceremony, Michal Ho is the selector. Vocals glide over beats generated in LED-lit steel bricks bristling with knobs. The duo was founded in 2012, in Zürich. They have released three vinyl albums on the label Nice Try Records and produced five video clips with distinct styles. They have been performing shows in an extended formation since 2015, with bass (Flo Götte) guitar (Franziska Staubli) and drums (Vincent Glanzmann), among other instruments, as well as dancers and pyrotechnics. They are currently working intensely on their fourth studio album.
(None of Them: Photo by Barak Shrama for swissnex San Francisco)