SF Design Week Open Studio at swissnex SF. Photo by Myleen Hollero

Focus Areas

Energy & Environment   |   Intelligent Machines   |   Storytelling & Interaction   |   Structures of Society   |   Next Horizons

Exploring Emergent Futures

swissnex San Francisco curates a program of events, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, residencies and innovation exchanges that examine the forces shaping the emergent future in five focus areas.

Energy & Environment

Rethinking energy & our environment.
climate change / energy sources / sustainability

Climate Garden 2085

Free Electrons Pitch Day

Powerful Architecture

SciComm Studio 004: Changing Climate, Changing Minds

Change of Atmosphere:
The ClimateMusic Project

Intelligent Machines

The synthesis of mind, nature, and machine.
artificial intelligence / brain-computer interfaces / NeuroTech

MentalWork at SXSW


Designing Material Innovation


Storytelling in the Age of AI

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures, Lol

Bot Like Me

Storytelling & Interaction

How we share our stories and experiences.
science communication / art-science / art-tech / interaction design / journalism / new media

You Had to Be There

Storytelling in the Age of AI

Digital Campus

Pier 17 Science Studio

Swiss Immersion at Sundance

Swiss Science Lounge at WCSJ

Structures Of Society

The shifting relationships between institutions and those they serve.
Future of work / finance / humanitarian action / digital human rights / tech diplomacy / institutions

Swiss Startup Night

The Living Lab


FinTech Tomorrow

Crisis Code:
Humanitarian Protection in the Digital Age

Next Horizons

Challenges and opportunities on the peripheries.
We get in front of new ideas to get a sense of impact.

Startup Camps Overview

Jason Kahn at Re: Sound

Turntable Drawing No. 17

AfterWork Series