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The swissnex Gallery

Connecting Switzerland and San Francisco through events and exhibitions.
Illustration by Atlas Design for swissnex San Francisco


swissnex Gallery, opened in 2016, creates a bridge between Switzerland and San Francisco through events and exhibitions. We reflect and inspire ideas, spark conversations across cultures and disciplines, and unlock possibilities through collaboration.

Opening Hours

The gallery is currently showing Instant Space, a response to the swissnex Salon created by Zurich-based architects Nele Dechmann and Ortreport. The gallery is open from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday.

Current Exhibition

  • A platform for conversation, Instant Space is a response to the swissnex Salon created by Zurich-based architects Nele Dechmann and Ortreport.

Past Exhibitions

  • The Cognitive Revolution has arrived.
  • With unconventional displays of first-hand accounts, reenactments, and ephemera, this collaboration between CCA & ECAV tells a story that is not necessarily "the" story.
  • Research photographs from the Swiss National Science Foundation’s Scientific Image Competition on display at the swissnex Gallery.
  • A public science experiment imagining future climate effects on San Francisco’s forests, agriculture, and landscapes.
  • A retrospective of cutting edge work from the influential Swiss design school's workshops.
  • The swissnex Gallery turns into a humanitarian hub where technologists, creatives, diplomats, entrepreneurs, and innovators explore new collaborative forms of humanitarian action.
  • The Dada movement was born 100 years ago at Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich. Re:Dada invites artists to use technology to disrupt and remix Dada works in the public domain. ...
  • Sept. 24 - Oct 21: The swissnex gallery becomes a responsive environment to explore and inhabit.
  • Step inside to experience and create immersive and interactive audio-visual works.
  • Move through the 3D environment of a pharoah’s tomb, a maze, and a dance performance thanks to a smart mix of motion capture and virtual reality.
  • An Augmented Reality experience from Data Canvas: Sense Your City.
  • A showcase of more than 20 different materials produced from waste including plastic bottles, old jeans, and used newspapers.
  • Uncanny yet familiar. In this exhibition of art and photography, explore the weird world of Moments in Algorithmic Places (MAPs).
  • Exhibition from Swiss photographer Mario Del Curto exploring the ways in which humans interact with plants and vegetation.
  • The ZERO1 Biennial, focusing on the convergence of contemporary art and technology, is expanding this year and takes place in Silicon Valley and around the Bay Area. Swiss ...
  • Surround-sound installation "trees: Downy Oak" shows you how to listen to the forest—and how tuning in to the woods reveals a bigger story about physiological and climatic ...
  • This exhibition, curated by ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne, presents a selection of new typography works from Switzerland, where type design has had the status of ...
  • Swiss contemporary artists Mélodie Mousset, Claudia Comte, and Athene Galiciadis bring their joint project "Trouble Rainbow II" and its splashy color to the City of Angels. ...
  • Experience the diversity and creativity of Swiss game design. Learn about the artistic and technical aspects of game creation and test out the latest releases.
  • The "Think Art - Act Science" exhibition showcases eight works developed during a nine-month residency called artists-in-labs, which places, you guessed it, artists, in ...
  • As part of the Architecture and the City Festival in San Francisco, swissnex hosts the exhibition "Teaching Architecture: 3 Positions Made in Switzerland," which expresses ...
  • Our Brain & Mind series continues with an exhibition of imagery showcasing the true beauty of the brain, with commentary from prominent neuroscientists in the accompanying ...
  • swissnex San Francisco and LA’s A+D Museum showcase the best of Swiss design.
  • The kinetic, sonic sculptures of artist Zimoun feature armies of mechanical entities that form worlds both uniform and chaotic. Solo exhibition at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts.
  • swissnex San Francisco partners with The Lab to bring ENTER SLOWLY, an art exhibition curated by David Cunningham and featuring works from Swiss artist Alexandra Navratil ...
  • swissnex San Francisco and Gray Area Foundation for the Arts present “Milieux Sonores,” a groundbreaking media art exhibition from ICST Zurich in which imaginary spaces ...
  • In cooperation with EPFL+ECAL Lab and CCA, swissnex San Francisco presents “Sunny Memories,” a groundbreaking exhibition that fuses new solar cell technology with design. ...
  • The second event in our series on light brings an illuminating presentation and two installations from the Zurich ColourLight Center that play with LED lighting and colored ...
  • Join us for the opening of the Design Preis Schweiz exhibit, showcasing award-winning and nominated projects from this prestigious bi-annual event for Switzerland's design industry.
  • Urban furniture by 12 young Swiss designers at the American Institute of Architects SF.
  • An art exhibit by Ariel Ruiz i Altaba that explores the relationship between art and science.