Innovation Camp

Inaugural Innovation Camp: 14–25 October 2019

As new technologies are entering the market at an exponential rate, how can companies ensure they stay ahead and continue to be relevant? Join our Innovation Camp this October to transform your innovative ideas into concrete projects while learning from practitioners in Silicon Valley.

The swissnex innovation camp is a 2-week structured learning program followed by an optional 4-week project development phase aimed at transforming your strategic priorities into concrete innovation projects. Tailored around each participant’s needs and chosen topic, our camp is uniquely designed to widen your context and deepen your focus. Return home inspired by fresh insights, enriched by new connections, and empowered by collaborations.

Learning Modules

Innovation Workshops

Innovation is a process, a mindset, a language, and a culture. Gain experience using different strategy, design and foresight frameworks to develop your idea. Learn from Silicon Valley practitioners, startups, and the swissnex Innovation team.

Tech Deep Dives

New technologies can create powerful new products and services. They can also enable entirely new business models. Learn from startups working with AI and blockchain across industries to gain a deeper understanding of how to leverage these technologies.

Peer Learning

Innovation happens within and across industries. Learn with and from peers with similar innovation innovation challenges in different markets: a problem shared is a problem solved.

Inspirational Visits

Silicon Valley attracts innovators from around the world to validate and grow their ideas and products. Immerse yourself in the Silicon Valley culture through visits to local tech companies, startups, incubators, and accelerators.



Great ideas are just that, ideas. Prototyping sessions give you the chance to develop and validate your idea in a user centric way, and to ensure your customers and users are always top of mind.

Who Should Attend?

– Intrapreneurs in corporate organizations

– Innovation Managers

– Product/Business Unit Managers

More Information and Program Contact 

For more information, contact Laura Erickson, Head of Innovation & Sustainability: