Innovation Camp 2019

The 2019 swissnex innovation camp was a 2-week structured learning program followed by an optional 4-week project development phase aimed at transforming your strategic priorities into concrete innovation projects. Tailored around each participant’s needs and chosen topic, the camp was uniquely designed to widen the participants context and deepen their focus, providing them with fresh insights, enriched by new connections, and empowered by collaborations.

Overview of the 2019 Innovation Camp

Learning Modules

Innovation Workshops

Innovation is a process, a mindset, a language, and a culture. Gain experience using different strategy, design and foresight frameworks to develop your idea. Learn from Silicon Valley practitioners, startups, and the swissnex Innovation team.

Tech Deep Dives

New technologies can create powerful new products and services. They can also enable entirely new business models. Learn from startups working with AI and blockchain across industries to gain a deeper understanding of how to leverage these technologies.

Peer Learning

Innovation happens within and across industries. Learn with and from peers with similar innovation innovation challenges in different markets: a problem shared is a problem solved.

Inspirational Visits

Silicon Valley attracts innovators from around the world to validate and grow their ideas and products. Immerse yourself in the Silicon Valley culture through visits to local tech companies, startups, incubators, and accelerators.


Great ideas are just that, ideas. Prototyping sessions give you the chance to develop and validate your idea in a user centric way, and to ensure your customers and users are always top of mind.

Participating Companies


Romande Energie, SmartLab
Romande Energie is the first electricity provider in the western part of Switzerland. We offer sustainable solutions in domains like energy production and distribution, energy services, energy efficiency, and electric mobility. We believe that the coming years will be crucial for the future of our planet and Romande Energie intends to do everything possible to raise awareness towards a more sober and responsible consumption of energy.
That’s why we created our innovation lab at the EPFL Innovation Park. We incubate new business models that solve real problems and that are unlocked by data or technology. We connect broadly with the local ecosystem (labs, start-ups, and corporates) to find the best solutions for the problems of our clients.


The Swiss Federal Railways transports over 1,25 million passengers and 205 000 tons of freight every day. 32’300 dedicated employees make SBB the backbone of public transport and work to realize the mobility of the future. SBB has realized the potential of startups and innovative companies in Silicon Valley and therefore opened an outpost in San Francisco. The main goal for the outpost is to introduce new technology to SBB that can improve the existing core business or open up new business opportunities. Topics where SBB is seeking collaborations with startups are predictive maintenance, new forms of mobility and safety.


Swiss Post
Swiss Post is one of the most advanced and innovative postal organizations in the world and is the third largest employer in Switzerland. Identifying, testing and introducing technological innovation has been part of Swiss Post’s DNA from its beginnings. Swiss Post is always looking for innovative technologies and solutions to implement in their comprehensive range of services. Therefore, they have been developing a structured open innovation approach with external partners such as start-ups, universities and accelerators all over the world. These innovation ecosystems enabled disruptive projects as, amongst others, the deliveries by drones and the autonomous shuttles. Further info on


Romande Energie, SmartLab

Bertrand Rivier
Bertrand Rivier is a product designer working at the intersection of user research, product development, and process innovation. Throughout his journey, he’s collected multiple experiences in diverse industries (watchmaking, biomaterials) and learned from different cultures. He’s currently using the design framework to build up the future of the energy sector in Switzerland in order to reach the energy transition goals. This is happening at the Romande Energie’s Smart Lab, where he works in multidisciplinary teams to address the complex problems their customers are facing.
Besides that, he’s an adventurous trail runner!

Paolo Pizzolato
Paolo Pizzolato is a Product designer and Business Developer at Romande Energie’s Innovation Lab, called the SmartLab. He helps his company to develop new innovative products and services for users. He is focused on helping people embrace the energy transition. From a more strategic perspective, he also looks to better understand and improve innovations processes and methodologies. Before starting at Romande Energie, Paolo worked as a consultant and then launched his own startup, which was active in the food industry. He holds a Master’s Degree in economics from HEC Lausanne.



Philipp Leimgruber
Philipp is leading the ‘Smart Station Lab’ at Swiss Railways. This lab develops, tests and validates new services and products for railway stations.
Philipp has a PhD in social science and has ‘somehow’ become an innovator at Swiss Railways. He has two teenager kids, loves to read and is a talented soccer player.

Philipp Lombriser
Philipp Lombriser leads several innovation projects with focus on IoT and Data Analytics. Together with his “Smart Station” team he is transforming SBB’s train stations into intelligent mobility hubs of the future. Philipp has a master’s degree in Business Informatics from the University of Utrecht. In his spear time he enjoys surfing in the sea.


Swiss Post

Mona Mors
At Swiss Post, Mona gained insight and knowledge about parcel logistics processes at Swiss Post from a data perspective working as a data analyst. She now internally advises on how data can provide insight on processes, help make sound decisions and move the company towards a digitally mature state.
Mona is an industrial engineer by education, including training in Machine Learning, as well as Innovation & Product Developmement. She studied and worked in Germany, France, the USA and Switzerland.

Philipp Leuthold
Philipp has been the Senior Manager Digital Channels at Swiss Post since 2006. He oversees various digital channels such as websites, smartphone apps, newsletter systems, and social media. He has a strong interest in conversational interfaces/smart assistants and the potential of voice/AI systems in the Swiss market and in digital marketing.

More Information and Program Contact

For more information, contact Laura Erickson, Head of Innovation & Sustainability: