Photo courtesy of the artist

Mélodie Mousset Exhibition Opening November 5

Award winning Switzerland-based French new media artist Mélodie Mousset presents two works HanaHana 花華 and Sing a Jellyfish in her inaugural exhibition in San Francisco at the swissnex Gallery, titled “Sound & Vision”. As a pioneer in VR artistic experiences, Mélodie Mousset’s work has been recognized internationally by the media including The Guardian, The Art Newspaper, Frieze, and Vice, and has been presented around the globe at numerous VR film festivals, conferences and exhibitions. Join us on November 5 for the opening night of the exhibition featuring an intimate artist talk.

Opening Night Program (Tuesday, November 5)
6:00pm — doors open
7:00pm — artist’s talk
9:00pm — doors close

HanaHana 花華
HanaHana 花華 invites audiences to enter a VR playground and become a “player” in an otherworldly desert and haunting soundscape. The player can cultivate a bizarre landscape using their giant hands to create unexpected hallucinatory constructions limited only by one’s imagination. Over 1 million hands, created by 200,000 players, have contributed to HanaHana 花華 in more than 60 exhibitions all over the world. The full HanaHana 花華 Press Kit is available here.

Sing a Jellyfish
An iteration of Sing a Jellyfish will also be presented. Audiences are invited to dive into the deep water of their consciousness in a mesmerizing interactive virtual reality soundscape experience. In a dream-like state underwater, a ghostly submarine life appears and soon you realize, the glowing jellyfish invites you to sing with them, in fact, to sing through them. They are controlled and animated with the pitch, vibration and intensity of your own voice, reflecting a surreal choir of yourself. This art-experience aims to provoke a state of self-hypnosis by visualizing the voice through immersive technology, creating a connection between vibrations over time and space. Directed by Mélodie Mousset and Edo Fouilloux, produced by Morten Thorning.

About Mélodie Mousset
Mélodie Mousset is a French artist based in Zurich, Switzerland. A pioneer in the field of art and new media, her practice extend across a number of mediums, including installation, performance, photography, sculpture and virtual reality. In Melodie’s whimsical and absurd composition or decomposition pieces, the body becomes a site for physical and spiritual exchanges with technology. Chris Kraus, renown writer and award-winning author of the best seller “I Love Dick”, writes about Mousset’s work in the March 2019 issue of ArtReview: “I don’t think of Mousset as part of a lineage, unless it’s one of exceptionally original, anomalous artists who have the courage to pursue an idea as far as it will go. So, maybe Carolee Schneemann, Werner Herzog, Béla Tarr, Paul Thek, Bas Jan Ader, Jay DeFeo.” She studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Rennes, France; Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne, Switzerland; Royal College of Arts, London, and completed her Masters of Fine Arts at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, USA. Her work has been exhibited at institutions and galleries worldwide, including MOCA (Museum Of Contemporary Arts), Los Angeles; Kunst Museum Stuttgart; Bund Museum Shanghai; Zabludowicz Collection, London, The Metropolitan Art Society, Beirut, and SALTS, Basel. Mousset is a public speaker, and a visiting professor.