STORY2023 Winners Announced

STORY2023 Winners Announced

Text and interview by Melanie Picard

The STORY2023 Awards Ceremony took place on September 27, 2013, following an inspiring day of transmedia talks at X Media Lab Switzerland in Lausanne. When the three winners were announced, huge smiles spread across their faces. They knew they’d just won the grand prize: a trip to San Francisco!

Derya Baris, Niklas Jung, and Lukas Steiner took first prize in STORY2023 for their project, the tale of a young engineer living in San Francisco in year 2023.

STORY2023 is a transmedia storytelling competition for students organized by swissnex San Francisco in honor of their 10th anniversary, with vital support from Swisscom, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, and Gebert Rüf Stiftung.

Who are the winners?

The Michael2023 team includes Derya Baris, who founded his first startup at age 18 and works as tutor in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Zurich, where he studies Business Administration. He co-founded the design agency with STORY2023 teammate Niklas Jung. Jung is a passionate entrepreneur with an eye for design. He’s an undergraduate student in Business Administration also at the University of Zurich. Last but not least, Lukas Steiner is the winning team’s software engineer. He is a graduate from Zurich University of Applied Sciences. We asked the winners a few questions to better get to know what makes these successful transmedia makers tick.


The winning transmedia project “Michael2023”

STORY2023: What inspired your vision of the future?

Michael2023 team: Digitalization, information overload, and (digital) social life are debated topics we used as a starting point. Based on current innovations, like Google Glass or Smartwatch, we wanted to focus on digital contact lenses and create a realistic future. The main story is about Michael, an engineer at a successful tech company, but we aimed to include details on technological changes, social matters, and political issues to set his daily life into the context of 2023.

STORY2023: What was the challenge of the competition for your team?

Michael2023 team: Our biggest challenge was the technical development and coding of our website. The illustrations are very detailed and it took time to create all the individual elements for the scrolling animation.

STORY2023: Is this project your first foray into transmedia?

Michael2023 team: We had already worked on transmedia marketing campaigns but we had never created such a transmedia experience. It was fun to work together as a team since we had complementary skills. Each of us had his own task list but at the same time we were able to discuss details together.

STORY2023: Will you do more transmedia in the future?

Michael2023 team: Yes, the Michael2023 project aroused our interest in transmedia and generated more ideas. There are many other types of media that we would like to integrate or experiment to enhance the user experience.

What’s next?

STORY2023 lives on in Switzerland thanks to our partner, the Geneva International Film Festival (Festival Tous Ecrans). The top five projects from STORY2023 will be on display at the festival from October 31st to November 7th, 2013.

In October, the winning team flies to San Francisco to be inspired by the Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for storytelling. swissnex San Francisco stands ready to receive and lead these innovators on their journey! Follow along at