Bike Share San Francisco

3, 2, 1, GO

You can walk it, you can bike it, you can bus it, you can train it—just don’t drive it. With half our staff already enthusiastic bike-to-workers, and most of the others identifying as daily bus-riders, train-takers, and walkers, it was an easy decision for swissnex San Francisco to join the Great Race for Clean Air. The Race is on, and we’re planning to win it!

swissnex San Francisco’s Liliane Ackle and Megan Williams gettting ready to race

Starting September 1st, the crew at 730 Montgomery Street in Downtown San Francisco will compete against dozens of companies during the two-month rally to reward the best Bay Area Commuters, sponsored by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Our bikes are ready, our shoes are on, the Clipper cards are loaded. Off we go to Spare the Air and make our contribution to protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. Stay tuned for updates on swissnex SFs performance over the next two months! Join the Race here.