The swissnex Lab opens June 10th at the Swiss Pavilion as part of the Astana Expo 2017: Future Energy

On June 10th, the Swiss Pavilion opens to the public as part of the Astana Expo 2017: Future Energy. As part of the Swiss Pavilion, the swissnex Lab is dedicated to thematic immersion and networking, in order to facilitate bilateral cooperation and academic exchange between Switzerland and Kazakhstan. Equally, it allows visitors to conduct experiments and slip into the shoes of an energy scientist.


The Pavilion at the Astana Expo 2017 (click on image for an interactive map)


The public will be able to interact and engage with exciting innovative scientific techniques and devices developed in Switzerland. Among other things, visitors have the opportunity to design, build and take home their own solar lamp made from upcycled PET bottles. Through workshops and conferences, they get acquainted with the best Swiss Future Energy projects and meet the Swiss researchers and entrepreneurs working at the forefront of Switzerland’s transition towards sustainable energy sources. 

Furthermore, the swissnex Lab connects experts from Switzerland and Kazakhstan in the field of energy-related topics, including higher education institutions, university spin-offs, start-ups and innovative industry partners. For example, delegations of Swiss researchers exchange ideas with their peers from several other countries, host roundtable discussions and run joint seminars for local students. All our activities aim to build lasting partnerships and connections between universities and individual researchers.


Working from scratch, the Solar Impulse team has created an extraordinary aircraft that brought
about a minor revolution in a high-tech universe still all too dependent on fossil fuel


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