AVA’s Startup Success

Text by Zanet Zabarac

A lot has changed since Swiss startup AVA visited swissnex San Francisco last May to participate in the CTI Market Validation Camp: They are now breaking into the US market with a beta launch in March 2016 and are well on their way of becoming an international player in women’s health.

AVA aims to help women get pregnant by precisely predicting their most fertile days. Women simply wear a bracelet overnight to track hormonal and other metrics with a mobile app.

But how does AVA differentiate itself in a market that has become flooded with such apps? “We want to create beautiful memories,” says Lea von Bidder, VP Marketing and Co-founder of AVA. She says AVA not only helps couples conceive but also creates an online community to support you along the way and beyond.

Path to Success


During the Market Validation Camp, says von Bidder, swissnex provided inspiration and ideas as well as support with initial meetings to test the waters for their business in the US. “swissnex helped us make the decision that the US is the right way for us to go,” she adds.

So the ambitious startup applied for the CTI Market Entry Camp USA and came back to swissnex San Francisco for another three months to focus on becoming independent and connecting to experts and mentors with swissnex San Francisco’s support.

Interest on a Global Scale

AVA’s hard work paid off. In September 2015, AVA was chosen for the Startup Battlefield portion of TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco and pitched their business on one of tech’s biggest stages.

Another milestone: AVA finalized a $2.6 Million funding round in November 2015 with renowned institutional investors and business angels, well over their goal of 2.2 – 2.5 Million. “It’s not only the amount but also the people in this funding round and the support from Swisscom and ZKB that makes this achievement so great,” says von Bidder.

Asked what AVA is most proud of since their last stay at swissnex San Francisco, von Bidder points clearly to her team. “When we first came here, it was only four of us with the first intern hired. Now we’re about 14 people. We’ve managed to acquire great people who believe in our vision,” she says.

So what’s next? AVA’s team returns to San Francisco in February 2016 to set up their US office and continue to grow their team. “There is still a lot to do here in San Francisco!” von Bidder remarks.

Interested in trying out AVA? AVA is looking for Bay Area couples trying to get pregnant to participate in their beta launch. Get in touch to find out more.