Betting on a Longshot

Over a 48 hour period between August 27 and August 29, something very unlikely happened. Hundreds of writers, editors, artists, photographers, and others from around the world produced a 60-page glossy magazine to rival any on the newsstand today. They called it Longshot. To celebrate the finished product, the editors gathered at swissnex San Francisco for the magazine’s unboxing.

Issue One of Longshot Magazine, formerly 48 Hour Magazine, centers on the theme “Comeback.” But hopeful contributors only found that out at noon on day one through email and social media. By noon the next day, 1,500 entries were in and editors worked in remote offices to narrow that field down to 70 pieces to fill the magazine, available only through publisher MagCloud.

The Longshot unboxing party on September 8, 2010, gave founding editors Sarah Rich, Alexis Madrigal, and Mat Honan the chance to thank supporters and contributors and toast to the next round.


Click on image to see more pictures from the event on flickr.