Birdly Soars to Victory

While in San Francisco, the artistic and inspirational Birdly full body virtual reality flight simulator drew attention from media outlets including Wired and Vice during its public exhibit at swissnex San Francisco. And it made thousands of virtual fliers happy when it touched down at NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences and After Dark at the Exploratorium before soaring success in Vancouver, B.C., taking top prize in the Augmented/Virtual Reality Contest at SIGGRAPH 2014.

“swissnex was a great platform to host our project,” says Max Rheiner, of the Zurich University of the Arts and creator of Birdly. “With their support we immediately made connections with people from the local universities, companies, investors,  designers, artists, and media. Further, we could show our work at their space and use their infrastructure to plan future collaborations with the contacts we gain from the Bay Area.”

Rheiner and team formed solid connections to relevant industry leaders at Google, Oculus, and Logitech during their North American tour. They even found synergies within Switzerland while visiting. The leader of the Human Brain Project, Professor Henry Markram, stopped by swissnex while visiting San Francisco and flew Birdly himself, promising to pick up talks with Rheiner back home.

Way to go Birdly crew, truly the stuff of dreams!