Birdly Flies to Sundance

The Sundance Institute announced the line-up for 2015 Sundance Film Festival—which takes place January 22 to February 1 in Utah—and the installations to be featured in its New Frontier program. Among the installations is Birdly, a project from Max Rheiner and the Zurich University of the Arts in Switzerland, which touched down in San Francisco in 2014.

In a press release, Sundance describes New Frontier like this: “Recognizing the crossroads of film, art, and media technology as a hotbed for cinematic innovation, New Frontiers is also a venue showcasing innovative media installations and panel discussions that explore the expansion of cinema culture in today’s rapidly changing media landscape.”

A Sundance scout encountered Birdly at swissnex San Francisco during its West Coast engagement and later selected the project for a New Frontier installation for its storytelling and experimental innovation. Admission to view New Frontier installations is free. Don’t miss the chance to fly!