Cal Day

Cheese at Cal Day, in a Good Way

At UC Berkeley’s annual open house, called Cal Day, swissnex San Francisco took part in the Edith Coliver Festival of Cultures, held at the International House (I-House). The mission: spread the word about Switzerland’s universities. The means of attraction: cheese fondue and a wheel-of- fortune of appealing prizes including a credit card shaped Swiss Army Knife. The conditions: perfect weather and an estimated total of 35,000 visitors drawn to the campus-wide fair.

Visitors to I-House sampled delicacies from Armenia to Zambia and watched performances of traditional music and dance from all corners of the world. But swissnex San Francisco interns Sarah Preiswerk and David Dudok de Wit kept crowds entertained with traditional cheese fondue, trivia questions on Switzerland, and brochures and information on Swiss higher education.

Current and prospective students, families, fellow presenters, alumni, tourists, and even some Swiss nationals stopped by to swirl chunks of bread in the melted cheese and answer tricky questions (Yes, the deYoung Museum was designed by Swiss architects!) while learning about universities in Switzerland.

The swissnex booth was a popular stop to say the least. Whether I-House still smells of the aromatic snack is unclear. So far no complaints have reached the swissnex San Francisco offices.