Call to Swiss Artists and Creatives: Beyond 2020: A (Post-) Pandemic Practice

July 1, 2020.

Society as we know it has been turned upside down. As a global pandemic, economic downturn and, more recently, protests against systemic racism in the US and around the world affect our everyday lives, creatives are presented with a new opportunity to reflect the times, and reimagine their practice.

With limited travel, no public events or gatherings, and many people now working from home, we have entered a new digital age of communication, collaboration, and creativity. In the ubiquity of zoom parties, online exhibitions and webinars; are there other spaces, mediums or technologies for artist’s practice and reflection?

Call for Artists

swissnex SF encourages artists, designers, and creatives to propose projects, reflections or something all together new and experimental. We invite them to partner with us to meet the challenges of the new world as we explore and push the boundaries of artistic practice, production, and reflection at this key moment in history of societal change. Projects should be related to one of swissnex San Francisco’s organizational focus areas: digital society, future economy, and/or planetary health, and should be produced by artists working at the intersection of art-tech, art-science, or the creative industries.

We encourage proposals of online projects, interventions and experiments. Proposals could be online exhibitions (linked to website through event pages for external website, example here); writing for the swissnex SF blog nextrends or a podcast on nextcasts; a collaboration with us or part of our team on a digital Pier 17 project, utilization of swissnex SF’s social media channels; proposals for online/digital events; and also open to other suggestions of experimentation outside of the swissnex SF infrastructure (the limitation is that swissnex SF must be able to promote it and it must be available to the general public).

Proposals are encouraged to use the swissnex SF network of universities, corporations or art institutions (for example a conversation with a SV ‘company’ or an exchange with a Bay Area artist). We also invite applicants who are interested in the connections between culture and business. Experimentation is welcomed on the boldest level to reflect and invent our new age of international exchange under COVID-19.


COVID-19 has forced us to change the way we live, we think and how we practice – it has fundamentally transformed the rituals that have been part of our lives for so long. On a global scale, we witness transformations on a societal level and have discussions about systemic and structural shifts that need to occur to create a more inclusive and sustainable future. To that end, we also need to change our societal practices regarding the way we work, consume, feel and relate to the people and the environment around us. In short, we are currently all compelled to rethink our way of doing. This call encourages artists to experiment with their practice, and simultaneously explore the notion of practice through a technological lens, be it on an individual or societal level.

Goals of Beyond 2020: A (Post-) Pandemic Project

  • VISIBILITY: To support Swiss artists by giving them a public platform to create new work and develop new audiences in the Bay Area and beyond.
  • FINANCIAL: Provide funding for research and production which gives space for reflection during a time when physical residencies are on hold.
  • EXPERIMENTATION: The world will not go back to ‘normal’ post COVID-19. What new kinds of works, uses of technologies and reflection in artistic practice can come out of this moment?
  • NETWORK: To connect, network and promote Swiss creatives to the Silicon Valley/Bay Area scene and audiences. Artists will be provided with an itinerary of relevant industry events and networking opportunities happening in SV during their project.
  • SELF-REFLECTION: Explore the opportunities and ways of collaboration for swissnex SF in digital space.

The project proposal must consider these limitations:

  • Ease of production by the artist (ex: website development, videography, production) — all expenses should be included in the budget request.
  • Project needs to be produced between August 2020March 2021 independently (we do not have in house graphic designers, videographers, etc)
  • Needs to be presented online and connected in some way to swissnex SF’s online communication platforms (via blog, social media channels, event pages with links to outside websites, etc) or a proposal for a digital activation of Pier 17.
  • You must be a Swiss artist or an artist based in Switzerland.
  • Proposals should consider this platform and project as something that cannot be done through other organizations, projects should include what swissnex can provide through its network and location/audience in the Bay Area.
  • Proposal must touch upon the notion of practice must reflect on our new age of production and artistic practice, evolving in our digital world. It should also relate to one of our three focus areas: digital society, planetary health and/or future economy.


Proposals will be accepted throughout August 2020. Multiple artist projects may be selected in this initial round to be realized between August 2020-March 2021. Send your project to Available for feedback in advance to discuss proposal ideas.

  • Short Project proposal
  • Artist CV/bio and/or website link
  • Proposed budget


Proposal deadline: Proposals will be accepted throughout August 2020. 

Project realization: August 2020March 2021


Artist and Production Fees available up to 5,000 CHF

swissnex San Francisco and Pro Helvetia:

swissnex San Francisco is mandated from Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council, to facilitate Swiss artists promotion and cultural exchanges in the field of art-technology and art-sciences with a particular attention to the specific domains of: digital creation, interactive media, design and architecture.





Image: Installation view of Sound & Vision by Mélodie Mousset presented in the swissnex Gallery. Photography by Nathalie Kardjian