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Feel the Skin: a Multidimensional Approach

The skin is our largest and most visible organ, but do we ever really look at it? The skin is a barrier between our internal vital organs and the external world. But it does more than protect us—it is also a sensitive organ through which we sweat and experience touch, pain, cold, and heat. Artists, historians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, biologists, and engineers take part in this thematic series about the skin and bring their own interpretations of this fantastic living envelope.

Yann Marussich – Bleu Remix

August 17 through 24, 2012
Swiss artist Yann Marussich tours California with Bleu Remix, an intense performance in which a mysterious blue liquid oozes through the layers of the artist’s skin.

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Skin Deep: Yann Marussich Workshop

August 19, 2012 at 10:00 am
Body performer Yann Marussich offers full insights into the creative and physiological processes that are featured in his performance pieces.

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The Changing View of Skin Diseases

October 10, 2012
Pustules, boils, warts, psoriasis, and rashes have not always been looked at in the same manner. Dermatologists and historians discuss how physicians and their patients have interpreted and treated skin problems from the Enlightenment up through today.

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Do Fingerprints Tell the Truth?

November 1, 2012
Join us for a discussion with forensic scientists on the latest scientific techniques used in criminal investigation.

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Check back soon for more events in winter and spring 2013. We’ll look at the treatment of burns, try to understand our affinity for tattoos, take a peek at the engineering of artificial skin, and follow the sensation of touch from the skin to the brain.