Drone on a Leash Revolutionizes Visual Storytelling

Text by Kassandra Bucher

A gentle purr filled the room and a light breeze was felt on the skin of the audience when Sergei Lupashin, inventor of a tethered drone called Fotokite, reached out his arm and let the flying camera take off, where it whirled and hovered over the room in Lupashin’s complete control.

Fotokite, from Swiss startup Perspective Robotics, is mostly used in journalism.

“Having an image of a big crowd from high above communicates a certain atmosphere much better than just a small extract of the scenery on the ground,” Lupashin says.

Lupashin and team quickly realized the advantages of drones in perspective photography and set to work. Given that a drone hovering above a group of people could cause mixed feelings, they designed Fotokite to always be connected to the photographer with a leash.

“In that way something potentially dangerous turns into something like a friendly kite,” Lupashin points out. “People will always know who is responsible for the flying object.”

The Swiss startup is also part of the CTI Market Entry Camp, a tailored program to help startups establish a foothold in the US market.