Gimme a U-Z-H!

Local University of Zurich (UZH) alumni and friends attended the first official Bay Area mixer on Thursday, January 28, co-organized by swissnex San Francisco and the UZH International Alumni Program.

After a brief tour of the swissnex office in downtown San Francisco led by alumni program leader Josias Planta, the group of about a dozen attendees from around the Bay Area moved over to nearby Taverna Aventine, a swank lounge, to network, share their experiences, and reconnect with their alma mater.

The UZH alumni represented a broad range of academic backgrounds, from biochemistry to business administration to computer science and the humanities. To learn more about this event or to discuss the potential for an event in your city, feel free to contact Josias Planta.

View photos from the alumni mixer here and see what some of the attendees had to say below.

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