Goodwall: A Resume of Good

Goodwall Co-founder and CEO Taha Bawa just completed a residency at swissnex San Francisco, participating in the CTI Start-up Market Validation Camp in May 2014. His mission was to meet as many relevant partners and institutions as he could during his brief stay in order to test his company’s core concept: helping young people build resumes of the good they do, thereby giving them a leg-up getting into a university or landing their first job.

The Goodwall platform is a humanitarian social network for individuals, organizations, and schools, Bawa explains. Goodwall’s platform incentivizes young people especially to get involved in “doing good systematically,” which he hopes will become a lifestyle. “If we’re able to do that, then all of a sudden these sort of values and this sort of behavior is important. That would be impactful.”

Read the article in Bilan (in French) about Goodwall.