Innovating Financial Services: Journey to the Silicon Valley

Switzerland is the world leader in banking. What could it possibly learn from the Silicon Valley?

Well, right here, right now, there are over 500 startups shaking things up with customer-led innovations that are already giving banks a run for their money. Companies like Simple, Venmo, Square, and many others are radically rethinking mobile payments, virtual currencies, cloud banking, authentication, even the traditional bank experience.

How can this innovation be leveraged?

In October 2014, swissnex San Francisco offers financial industry leaders a taste of the future through first-hand exposure to Silicon Valley’s hottest companies, out-of-the-box banks, and disruptive trends poised to take the financial services by storm.

President and chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase & Co., Jamie Dimon, was recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal saying of all the tech companies getting into banking, “When I go to Silicon Valley…they all want to eat our lunch. Every single one of them is going to try.”

Study tour participants will visit groundbreaking companies, startups, and US bank headquarters that are truly shaping the future of their industry. They will spend time with the executives in charge of innovation, online and mobile delivery, and retail strategy, as well as with consultancy firms, research companies, innovation leaders, and experts who monitor the Silicon Valley.

“swissnex San Francisco’s study tours strike the right balance between visits with entrepreneurs, workshops, and intensity,” says Joao-Antonio Brinca, Head of Strategy at Banque cantonal vaudoise (BCV) and a participant in the Silicon Valley Startup Camp study tour. “They allow for a deep immersion in the Silicon Valley in a short period of time. The topic of ‘The Future of Money’ comes at the right time as the payment ecosystem is becoming a hot topic, even miles away from the Valley.”

The Future of Money study tour is open to a maximum of 10 professionals and will appeal to those seeking more knowledge and insight into financial innovations and future trends. Learn more.