Announcing the New swissnex Website

Welcome to the new!

We’ve been working hard for several months to bring you a new highly visual, responsive, and easy to navigate website that also helps us share our passion and dedication to connecting the dots.

We are proud to announce the results, for us and for the entire swissnex network. We thank everyone who helped to make this happen, and want to give a big shout out to our partners in this collaborative project: our design partner MetaDesign and their developers, Cainkade.


Images and photos are essential to telling the stories of our stakeholders, partners, and the many connections we create and foster. The new embraces visual storytelling, making the site just as dynamic and compelling in look and feel as swissnex San Francisco really is.


You can now enjoy on any mobile device just as it was intended. The responsive design adjusts to any screen size and automatically optimizes uniquely for your phone, tablet, laptop, or widescreen.


Easy to navigate

New to or coming back for something specific? Either way, find what you want and what matters to you easily and intuitively. Content is front and center, menus are clear and well-placed, and related content on each page helps you find other content that could be of interest.

“It was an honor collaborating with the swissnex team to develop a new website presence for their global network,” says MetaDesign CEO Alexander Haldemann. “I am very familiar with the importance of swissnex, not only for what it does for Switzerland but for how it helps bring the innovation of Silicon Valley to rest of the world. The new website will connect world thought leaders around the world via an easy-to-navigate and simple-to-manage platform.”

Tell us What You Think

We’d love to get your feedback as we continue to test the new site. Please share your thoughts.