Online Shopping Made Easy

Text by Kassandra Bucher

A few weeks ago the BCV Silicon Valley Study Tour allowed Swiss students and graduates a peak into the startup environment of the Silicon Valley.

One of the participants, Amaury Soviche, along with two friends who have all known each other since university, Jean-Charles Gasche and Aureline Grange, stayed on to fulfill his dream of creating his own startup.

The entrepreneurs developed OneSnap about a year ago. It’s a smartphone app that simplifies online shopping.

“I got annoyed by having to register on different websites over and over again whenever I want to buy something,” says Sauviche, a 21-year-old EPFL graduate and co-founder of OneSnap. “Out of this problem the idea for our app was born.”

With OneSnap you enter your information once and for all, and snap the QR codes next to the products you want to buy. OneSnap doesn’t charge additional fees. If you want to buy something on a website, just pull out your smartphone and scan the QR code on the screen. The checkout and payment is done by OneSnap. And after your transaction is complete you get instant confirmation on your smartphone and on the website.

The three entrepreneurs are using a desk at swissnex San Francisco and attending as many networking events as they can, hunting for investors for their app.

“Sometimes you have to sleep on a couch and eat pasta everyday for 10 years until you have a breakthrough,” says Jean-Charles Gasche. “As long as you are passionate about something this is what you need to be willing to do.”

Like Oscar Wilde said, to fulfill your dreams you sometimes have to throw off the bowlines and sail away from the safe harbor. Who knows if these young entrepreneurs will achieve success this time around, but their bravery and determination is admirable. And who doesn’t want online shopping to be easier?!