Parquery & Future Instruments join Innosuisse Market Entry Camp at swissnex San Francisco

swissnex San Francisco and Innosuisse are pleased to announce that Parquery and Future Instruments will commence their 1+ month camp today as part of the February 2018 cohort of the Innosuisse Market Entry Camp at swissnex San Francisco. Startups are offered a range of mentoring, networking, training and coaching opportunities, laying the groundwork for future success in one of the world’s leading innovation hubs. Learn more about Innosuisse coaching acceptance here and apply now for the August cohort!

  • 68 Swiss startups since 2010 in San Francisco alone,
  • Combined valuation of over $1B,
  • An integrated community of over 400 founders and organizations.
  • See our full list of startup alumni.


Parquery is a spin-off from ETH Zürich, Switzerland, currently employing 11 people. Founded in September 2014, Parquery operates more than 40 projects in 20 countries worldwide. Parquery has developed in-house computer vision and deep learning algorithms which analyze any image from any already-installed camera, in order to provide real-time results to customers. Parquery’s first application is a smart parking solution, with gives real-time information on both parking occupancy and exact parking duration. Their customers (supermarkets, airports, private car parks, cities, gas stations…) therefore get real-time results with no additional infrastructure! Additionally to parking, Parquery’s object detection technology can be applied to many different fields with very high accuracy. Parquery is therefore currently diversifying its portfolio in mobility, transportation and logistics with similar object detection techniques to the ones developed in-house for the smart parking solution.


Future Instruments results from more than a decade of research and development in the field of human-computer interfaces applied to music and the arts. Our innovative and performant technologies originated from our passion for this highly demanding field. However, applications range far beyond the original scope. That’s why today our mission is to create high-tech instruments that help people reaching their full potential and creativity in various fields of activities, such as work, education and leisure.

What we offer

Targeted intros

Relevant contacts in the local ecosystem like partners, investors, mentors. At swissnex’s discretion.

Office Hours

Weekly peer learning sessions with other startups and/or the swissnex team to exchange solutions and discuss progress

Community Breakfasts

We invite successful community members to share their knowledge. You ask questions and meet.

Toolbox Sessions

Expert sessions in US law, fundraising, marketing, growth, pitching, strategy and more. Depends on camp dates.

Office space

At swissnex locations around the world (desk, meeting rooms, event space)


No cost, no equity

Innosuisse even offers stipends towards travel and accommodation. This is offered as a public service of Innosuisse


Image: swissnex SF