Partnering with Swiss Arts

February 23, 2016

swissnex San Francisco has served as the West Coast outpost in North America for Pro Helvetia the Swiss Arts Council since 2008, supporting and creating interdisciplinary programs involving Swiss-based artists and designers.

Now, we’ve signed a new four-year partnership with Pro Helvetia that continues and strengthens this relationship as swissnex moves into an expanded location with more visibility at Pier 17, on San Francisco’s Embarcadero waterfront.

Collaborative projects over the years have included interactive media projects Birdly and Artanim, Swiss gaming startups at GDC, and dozens of programs with artists, designers, and architects who push the boundaries of technology.

“I truly think the collaboration with Pro Helvetia is why our programs are so exciting at swissnex San Francisco,” says Sophie Lamparter, swissnex’s Associate Director and Head of Public Programs. “It lets us bring this interdisciplinary, creative, experimental, artistic perspective to everything we do, from showcasing new technologies to covering trending topics.”

The goals of our work with Pro Helvetia are to expose a general public to Swiss-based art and design works, with a particular emphasis on connecting these Swiss talents to peers, influencers, and multipliers in California.

“We consider our partnership with swissnex San Francisco a very meaningful and successful one,” says Gautier Chiarini, Pro Helvetia’s Head of Exchange Programs and Cultural Centers. “Besides efficiently promoting Swiss talents, swissnex San Francisco also acts as a crucible where experimental, interdisciplinary projects come to life to the benefit and inspiration of every stakeholder, local and Swiss.”