Pocket Scan Dacuda

PocketScan Wins Fans and Funds

With 14 days to go in its Kickstarter campaign, a tiny portable scanner that syncs with tablets and phones has raised more than $325,000 from some 3,000 backers—drastically surpassing its modest $50,000 goal.

The PocketScan is the brainchild of Swiss startup Dacuda, who took part in the CTI Start-up Market Entry Camp program at swissnex San Francisco in 2010 with the related scanning mouse.

Using a photo stitching technology, the staple-sized PocketScan can record all manner of content, from images to text (it can recognize over 130 languages)—even on textured surfaces—and yield higher quality results than if you snapped a picture of the target with a phone.

Via a Bluetooth or iBeacon connection, Dacuda’s PocketScan can import images directly into Excel and Word and become immediately editable.

Dacuda was founded in 2009 as a spin-off company of ETH Zurich by Chairman and CTO Alex Ilic and team. Ilic envisions the PocketScan being a useful tool for anyone, reports Fast Company: business people, college students, and especially designers.

“One of the themes we are pushing is that we can scan things that don’t fit in a scanner,” Ilic says. “Normally with a large design sketch, you have to cut it up to put it in.”

The cheapest PocketScan costs $99 on Kickstarter and likely ships in December.

Check out swissnex San Francisco’s 2012 scanning mouse event with Dacuda!