Josselin Meylan

Q&A: Josselin Meylan – Volunteer at swissnex San Francisco

Rather than see San Francisco as a tourist, Josselin Meylan is spending a few months at swissnex San Francisco as a volunteer Junior Project Manager before diving into a master’s program in Switzerland.

Q: How did your volunteer position with swissnex San Francisco come about?

A: I was planning a trip to San Francisco to study for my GMAT exam (which is required to apply for some Master’s degree programs), but I also wanted to discover the Bay Area not only as a tourist but from the inside. Being Swiss, swissnex San Francisco seemed like a perfect opportunity! I contacted swissnex, and a month after that, here I am! My position is Junior Project Manager, in the Startup & Innovation Services, and I really love my job here.

Q: What are you working on while here?

A: I’m mainly doing some research to define our future study tours and help startups participating in one of swissnex’s camps. Besides that, I have also been working on proposals for Swiss partners, on communication processes, on the SwissTalents network, and helping with events. I even shot a video for Swiss television!

Q: What surprising, useful, or relevant connections have you made? Were they a result of the swissnex network?

A: I met tons of people here, including Swiss university directors and professors, students, startup founders, journalists, alumni from Swiss universities, local consultants… I could go on and on. swissnex has an incredible, vast, and diverse network. It is really the best of Switzerland who connects to swissnex, and it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to connect with even a small portion of this network!

Q: Any secrets of the swissnex ecosystem or tips for future visitors you’d care to share?

A: Cake break once a month on Friday, don’t miss it! If you’re lucky, you’ll also get fresh Swiss products if someone is just coming back from a business trip in Switzerland.

Q: Why would you encourage students to volunteer or apply for an internship at swissnex San Francisco?

A: Working here is a great opportunity to learn a lot, to network, to open your mind. Besides, San Francisco is an awesome city!

Q: What’s next for you?

A: First, I’ll be going back to work in Geneva, and after a couple months, I’ll start my Master’s degree in September, presumably in Business Innovation in St. Gallen. [Their program] integrates quite well with my work here at swissnex. It will have been a great experience that I will surely use as another jumping off point to my future!