Project Skye

Project Skye: New Perspectives at Bay Area Science Festival

Text by Project Skye

Project Skye, a project from ETH Zurich in Switzerland, recently participated in the Bay Area Science Festival with swissnex San Francisco. Between October 26 and November 2, 2013, Skye could be seen performing spectacular flights at three different events: Discovery Days at Cal State East Bay, Nerd Nite at Sea II, and Discovery Days at AT&T Park.

With a sunny and windless day in the East Bay, Skye was able to fly under perfect conditions at the Discovery Days and impress young and old alike. While the kids enjoyed touching and pushing around Skye at close range, parents were able to take part in their children’s excitement by watching them play, thanks to a live feed just a few meters away from our “giant soccer ball.”

Skye was also able to set a new altitude record by hovering above the visitors at a little over 25 meters above ground, resulting in an impressive view of the entire science fair.

On Wednesday aboard the USS Hornet, an aircraft carrier hosting the popular Nerd Nite, geeks shot us more technical questions than at other events. Even though the space on the lower deck of the aircraft carrier was packed, Skye performed excellently and added an additional appealing factor by attracting visitors with its integrated LED illumination!

Even though Skye does not resemble a baseball, our blimp was able to play in the big leagues at the home of the San Francisco Giants: AT&T Park. At the Discovery Days event there, Skye’s livestream in full HD captivated entire families during a lovely but windy Sunday afternoon.

View more pictures of Project Skye at the Discovery Days at Cal State East Bay.